Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Witch, Vampire, and Fairy dolls

Vampire Dolls

I had trouble sleeping again last night. I even had the window open to bring in cooler air but it didn't really help much. So, of course I am dragging ass today and despite the back pain and the fact that it will take me twice as long to do anything, I am going to some hardcore cleaning today in effort to stay awake.

Now since I was having trouble sleeping last night, I decided to look for a few things on the internet. Several years ago I saw a couple of Witch dolls or figures at a friends house. They weren't ugly or green, they were lovely and I haven't been able to find them anywhere. I am starting to wonder if they weren't OOAK (One Of A Kind) like you can nab from Etsy, Ebay, or Deviant art. Of course asking said friend would be the easy route but we aren't friends anymore. She decided to throw away everything that was 'pagan' among and destroy any semblance that she was ever a decent human. Enough about her because really I could write a whole two part blog on her and I really don't want to. I want to write about dolls damn it!

Onward. I have decided that Google sucks as far as image searches are concerned. Yahoo is better for it and I found some really interesting things. Most of the OOAK dolls are Monster High dolls that people have repainted and made clothes for. That's really cool, but I really like the Monster High dolls so I just don't see myself giving one an overhaul.  Then there were the Barbie dolls and some of those were very pretty but not really what I was looking for. Of course there were the typical green witch dolls and the chubby-long nosed-warts and moles-scraggly haired witch dolls, and then there were some really ugly looking ones. But nothing really of what I was looking for. Dare I say it, I am going to have to learn how to sculpt and make doll clothes.

After being a little discouraged, I decided to look for Vampire dolls. You know, I didn't like Twilight as a book (gasp!) in fact I couldn't get through the first page. I didn't like the writing. I watched the movies and they were interesting but honestly, I'm not that fond of the whole Twilight frenzy. But to see how many Twilight dolls there are. Ugh! they overpower the search results. And if it's not Twilight, you get to see the really creepy dolls and what is with the vampire baby dolls? I had to type in BJD at the end of my search to find the really pretty Vamp dolls. But as most of us know, BJDs are very expensive. I promised myself that after I finished and published my book I would get two BJDs as a reward. I want them custom made to look like the main characters of my novel.

After I'd searched through the Vampire doll results I turned to Fairy dolls because I've seen some really
pretty ones in the past. Thankfully, that was about the time that I started to fall asleep so I didn't get very far. There is hope in that search because it seems that there are a lot more of what I was looking for. I suppose it would help if I mentioned what I want these dolls for. Decoration mostly. I'm not going to buy a whole bunch but one or two would be nice. I plan to do Gothic/macabre for the fall and winter months and fantasy for the spring and summer.

Since I feel like I am beginning to ramble and my eyes are a little droopy, I'm will end it here, and get on to cleaning.


  1. I like fairy dolls and we may have to do some make overs on Monster High dolls - we can get the cheaper ones and just alter them enough. But we'll see. Ebay is a good place to find the gorgeous OOAK.

    1. I know but they are so expensive and don't want them to look like Barbie, you know.