Friday, June 7, 2013

Music and a few other things.

Good news on the car front. It is only going to cost me $350 to fix it. YAY! That's so much better than what I was dreading.

Lately, there has been some unrest within my alliance in Guildwars. How do you not have issues where tons of people are involved, even small groups, especially where  only text is involved? You don't. Well, a few people were annoyed with the alliance leader and decided to leave the alliance. There was an issue with how they left, which, I agree was not handled in the best of ways. Those that left wanted my Dad and I to join them. I thought it over and talked to my Dad about it. We decided to sit on it for a few days. As it turns out, I don't think we will be leaving the Alliance to join theirs. There are some things going on in their alliance that I don't like. Sure it's one person but that person is also having a friend still within my alliance spy on me and other active players. I don't like that. So, I think we will simply remain friends with those who have left and play with them when there is an occasion.

I have been blogging a little bit today. I wrote a couple blog posts for Detangled Writer's. I wanted to work on a draft for this blog, but I just didn't feel up to today. My back has been hurting and I've had to shift my position from laying down to sitting up several times and never seem to be able to stay in one position long enough to be comfortable to write the lengthy blog that's waiting to be written.

On to music! I have mentioned it before and I'm sure I will again many many times, that my favorite internet radio station was taken off the air a couple of years ago. Since then I have had the worst time trying to find something to supplement. You know how you just find the right mix of things and it feels good and you can relax but not be distracted in weird way? Well this radio station was a mix of Gothic Rock, Love Metal, Industrial, Gothic Metal, Dark Wave, and New Wave. It was awesome! Of course I listened to other things too, like Jpop and JRock, my movie and anime soundtracks, and Radio Rivendell which does fantasy music and soundtracks. I also listened to Traditional Chinese music when  the mood struck me. But all in all that station was on almost 24-7. I wrote to the music playing the airwaves, slept to it, and listened to it while doing just about everything else.

Pandora sort of helps. I have two stations I can flip between. It's not the same but it's helping me get to a place where things feel right, enough to gain a little confidence in writing. Maybe that doesn't make sense to anyone else, but it does to me and that's all that matters.

Oh, I donated plasma yesterday and am going again tomorrow. It doesn't bother me as much as I thought it was going too. Better yet, the phlebotomist who hooked me up to the machine was really good. Even though she had to dig a little to catch my rolly-poly vein, she got it, didn't blow it, and it didn't hurt. I am going to keep donating plasma for as long as I can. Sure I like getting money out of it, who doesn't, but I also like that I am helping someone, especially since I am not an organ donor. I've caught shit from people for not being one. People have unfairly made me feel uncomfortable as if I was some horrible person for not being one. Do Not EVER tell me what to do with my body now or after I am dead. I have my reasons and if I choose to become an organ donor in the future, I will do it in my own time.    

The cats are doing well, except for all three of them needing baths. Galen has been pretty clingy today. Ellie is snoring happily beside me and I have no idea where Yoda went but he had a treat today, some ice cream. I gave him just a tiny bit  and then let Galen lick the bowl so he'd have a little bit of a treat as well. The cats all love to curl up on my bed but I think they like it even more so now since we have two fans going and the room dark. It's so hot that I closed the blinds and the curtains. I am thinking of buying another fan and putting a blanket over the window. 


  1. Why would anyone get on someone's shit for not being an organ donor? That's pretty damn personal!

    I've seen those blood donor needles and they make me shudder. I used to be a phlebotomist but I'm a big baby when it comes to sticking needles in my own body. :P And I hated drawing blood from babies, especially using the lancets on their heels. Babies blood clots so quickly so you have to really squeeze the heel sometimes to get enough before it clots. I upset a couple of parents a couple decades ago and I ended up crying and having my supervisor take over. That poor baby.

    And yeah...guilds. All the drama involved with that stuff is a real put-off. People can be so ridiculous if they gain a little status in a guild. And people spying on you? Geez, what's wrong with people, it's just a freakin' game, you know? I will say that a good guild is worth more than its weight in gold though..virtually speaking, I'd guess it would have to be its weight in virtual gold. xD

    1. I would hate to draw on a baby too. I didn't know you were a phlebotomist, that's pretty cool!

      Guilds: that's why I invited you to join my guild. My Dad and I don't put up with that crap and we just want to play the game. We don't like the in game drama. And we will will help for free and not use it against anyone later. We're just a nice, laid back, quiet guild.

  2. Yeah, I applied for a phebotomy position and they called me and said they needed a data entry operator. So I took it and eventually got to do blood draws when it got busy, plus driving to old folks homes to collect samples. There's not much call for phlebotomists anymore. Nurses or medical assistants do it. The course I took was actually for a laboratory assistant but the teacher quit and her replacement was horrible and didn't know what she was doing. The course ended up collapsing because she couldn't teach. I just ended up finishing up the phlebotomy part of it at the hospital the other teacher worked at.

    It's actually a pretty fun job carting around the vacutainers and drawing blood, talking to the patients and getting to wear the all-important white lab coat xD Sadly there really aren't any full time jobs out there for just a phlebotomist. Most of them work from 5-7 am in hospitals after people have fasted.

    I'm about due to hop on Guild Wars and level up my assassin. I played it four hours at a stretch when I installed it and bought the other two campaigns. i ended up burning out but the desire is returning.

    1. Wow. I really hate it when people pay for education and get crap teachers. That's not fair to the students and not right for the college or school to take the money. I am glad that it all worked out though.

      Well, now they have places where phlebotomists can work all day. Plasma donation places. I'm sure each company has certain rules and training they want you to undergo, but there is still call for them.

      Yay for Guild Wars! What do you ave as a secondary profession for the assassin? Actually, what level is the character? I have a Ritualist that's still very low level and I just haven't played her in awhile. There is a website that has great builds for characters.

      As for burning out on it, I have experienced that a time or two. Last time I played I was trying to faction farm and I've done it tons before but for some reason that day, I just couldn't do it. It was terrible! So I got mad and quit playing for a day or two. But I have to get back on and do more faction runs to keep our faction donation up to where the Alliance leader wants it. Ugh! It wouldn't be so damned hard if my Dad could get on and help. But he's bogged down with migraines, work, and school work.