Sunday, June 23, 2013

Eeek! Sleeplessness and poo.

I awoke after having less than three hours worth of sleep. I needed something to drink and also I'm in so much pain, I just can't sleep. So, because there is nothing more annoying than being in a room full of sleeping cats and a snoring girlfriend when you can't sleep, I decided to play some games on Facebook.

I love Dragon City! Some of the dragons are too cute and some are really pretty. But I also play Bubble Witch Saga and am currently stuck on level 35. A few days ago, because I was curious, I decided to start playing Candy Crush Saga as well. It's okay but nothing I would write home about. Speaking of writing home... I need to write another letter to my cousin Shi-chan.

It is a good thing that I am awake so early this morning for Yoda hopped up on the bed next to me. I thought he smelled a little strange but it wasn't until he pushed his way between me and my computer (my desk is right beside my bed) and up on my pillow, that I realized what the stick was. He had poo stuck in his fur and he wasn't happy that I had lifted his tail either. But I told him to stay put, went to the bathroom for some toilet paper and a washcloth with soap. After some glaring but surprisingly no fussing, Yoda is clean and my pillowcase has been changed. I will have to trim his fur again but I will do that later since he's sleeping.

On a non-poopy matter, I finished the anime Darker Than Black, last night and it was really good. I thought I saw something about another season somewhere so I will have to look. In the mean time, I guess I will see if I can get back to sleep.

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