Monday, June 3, 2013

Blogging about not wanting to blog, what?

Maybe I am still experiencing jet-lag and or I am just tried and in a lot of pain, overwhelmed, or something, but I don't really feel up to blogging tonight. But I'm right here blogging. Doesn't really make sense does it? No, I thought not.

I am back in Northern Idaho. My flight was okay for the most part. Did you know that Delta airlines serves peanuts in flight? I did not and am really glad that I'd taken some allergy medication that morning else I would have been in a world of trouble. As it was my throat tightened up a little. Also, the woman next to me on one of the flights decided that my hip was her personal arm rest.

Back to blogging about not wanting to blog.  Earlier in the day I'd gone to the library and planned to write up several posts and post date them. Everything was going well until for some reason my computer decided that it wasn't going to let me do anything with the internet at the library. Jeez, what a punk ass! Any way, I had to save the post to a document and calm myself by perusing the shelves. I satisfied myself with a book on weapons and another on castles. You know since I need to know about that kind of stuff for my stories.

I might have picked up where I left off as far as blogging went when I got home but I just didn't feel up to it and when we came in the words "What the fuck?!" left my mouth. Why? Because Dad-in-law decided to rearrange the living room again. So I helped finish it up. Only I didn't do much at all, just dusted a few things and then made dinner.

I might have tried blogging after dinner except we decided to go to Hasting's for the 2 for 1 happy hour coffee special. I decided that I would be happier playing Guild Wars except that I wasn't.

I left a guild and started my own with my Dad several years ago because I didn't like drama. Dad managed to talk me into joining an alliance. So far things have been okay, but people come and go and there has been some drama here and there. Well, two guilds left the alliance recently and that pissed off the alliance leader. He sort of talked to me about it yesterday but was kind of vague about it. I noticed that a couple of other guilds had left including a couple of new ones that had joined just yesterday, today. And then I got a private message from someone explaining what had happened and what was going on, one of the people who had left. Oh boy! And when I thought there might be a group of people to faction farm, the alliance leader who said he was going to put the call out for such a group decided to log off. That's fine, no problem, I went on a vanquish mission. But for the next few days, I'm not looking to push the envelope on faction farming. I do not want to donate faction into an alliance that is unstable.

And of course now that I am home, not having internet connectivity problems, and have played my game, I've looked at my draft list and said "Nope, not happening". Tomorrow is another day. Well, I guess it's already tomorrow but I haven't slept so it doesn't count and after I wake up, I should be more inclined to write as well as blog.