Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Something fun came in the mail today!

Today as I was getting ready to take Skoora to work and get myself out of the dourness of the house, the mail woman came and dropped off some packages. One was the filters for the cat's water dish. Another were some small Christmas/Yule presents Skoora ordered for friends. But the last was the Lindsey Sterling CD! I can't tell you how excited I am to have it, finally! I've listened to most of it on Youtube but we finally have the CD and I won't have to listen to the incessant ads on Youtube that jar me when I'm in a decent writing rhythm. Don't get me wrong, I love Youtube, but there are days the ads just really get me.

I'm back at the library for the moment. I wanted to get a few things started for the day since I am feeling a tiny tiny bit better. I will probably head home in a few minutes. It's getting to be lunch time and I need to find a more comfortable place to write today, more comfortable for my back that is. It was pretty bad last night. I couldn't sleep for anything, couldn't find a comfortable position to lay, and worse, I was sweating. We had the window open with a fan pulling in the 63 degree F air and another fan pointed at me and both were set to medium. I ended up sitting on the sofa with the air conditioner on completely ready to just see how much writing I could get accomplished. But writing didn't happen because it was then that I cooled off and the pain had lessened enough that I could finally sleep.

The last couple of days have been full of sleep and we can blame the medicine for that. I've been rather pissed and sad due to that but there wasn't and isn't much I can do about it. If I can't stay awake, then I can't write and frankly, with as bad as it's been I'll take the sleep. Seems like blasphemy to say such a thing. Oh well. I am going to let of all the angst over that... You know what else I let go of while out of commission due to pain?  My eyebrows. HOLY SHIT! I'm going to have spend some serious tweezing time to get them back under control. Not really, I'm kidding, they aren't that bad but I do need to spend some time cleaning them and my finger nails up. And if I am feeling really rowdy I might even put on some makeup. GASP!  Probably not, I think if I can just get my eyebrows plucked today that will be good enough for me. I'm not feeling THAT much better.


  1. There's always tomorrow for eyebrows and make up - but yeah it's kind of like the amazon on your brow ridge >.> nehehe just kidding. I thought you looked very lovely today. And I could see this because I fixed my damn glasses this morning XD

  2. I gave up plucking my eyebrows years ago. Balls to eyebrow plucking! Balls, I say!

    Glad to hear you got out of the house and to the library for a bit. I love the Library here in Lenexa. They have several machines where you scan your card and books so there's no line and it's just sorta fun. Reminds me of scanning groceries. I always loved scanning and bagging groceries. It was the people part that got to me. That and the fascitis and bone spurs. Felt like standing all day with pebbles in my shoes. :( Not fun.

    1. I didn't mind being a cashier. Bone spurs just sound awful!