Sunday, July 13, 2014

Cats, Skoora, homework, and its back again, frack!

So much has happened since I last blogged. If it weren't for the fact that I missed the feeling of typing and that I desperately need a break, I wouldn't be blogging now. But I will start from the beginning...

We put Skoora on her plane to Boston last Wednesday, early in the morning. She arrived safely and seemed to be having a pretty good time with her friend, who she is sharing a room with at the residency.  As for myself, I don't think I did much on Wednesday except homework and that took all day. The reading is drier than burnt toast and I find that more often than naught, my mind wanders away from what I am reading. Quite frankly, I had over 80 pages in the text book to read, two articles both well over 10 pages in length, and two websites to look at. I manged to get my discussion board post written and reply to one person before I crashed.

Thursday, I was planning to do some more homework and I did. I didn't get very much accomplished though. I don't think I actually managed to get much of anything done Thursday except go over my final project for the class and look at some sources for my paper.

Friday, oh Friday. I'd planned to really make a dent in final project paper but my new friend Jennifer sent me a text asking if I wanted to hang out all day before going to the full moon ritual later that evening. I pretty much told my homework to go to hell, got dress, slapped on some make up- pausing only long enough to talk to my cousin Shi-Chan and my Mom-, then hopped in the car and drove over to Spokane to pick up Jennifer.

It really was a fun day. Jennifer and I had lunch and talked for awhile. I got to know her a little more. We dropped off an application to a place she's applied at. Then we went to a store called Wonders of the World. Wonders of the World is perhaps my new favorite store second only to Hastings and Starbucks.  They sell statuary, crystals, books, cards, jewelry, and are generally more pagan themed without looking like a tie dyed Rastafarian pot head place. It's actually quite classy. I wanted to explore more shops in the building but we didn't really have time, at least we didn't think we would. The Internet system went down in the building and we had to go get cash and come back to purchase what we wanted.

After we finished at Wonders of the World, we went over to Value Village. Now, it's supposed to e a second hand store, but is sure is pricey! Actually, it's pretty much like shopping at Wal-mart for clothes and some things only that the merchandise is used. Not, my favorite place to go, and it was busy and every time I turned around there was someone or a store clerk about to run me over with either themselves or a cart. It was also kind of close quarters too, so too many people, too close was kind of upsetting. Oh did I mention that it was 90+ degrees outside and the store was little better?

When we finished there, we went to Wal-Mart where Jennifer found a fan for her bedroom window and a pair of Capri's for work. After that, we grabbed a drink and headed over to the UU Church to wait until everyone else arrived to let us in for the Ritual that night. We were about  hours early.

The ritual was nice and we made herb sachets afterward. I really wanted to stay longer, to visit with everyone but Jennifer needed to get home. That's the only downside to taking her to Rituals and classes, she never wanted to stay long enough to actually visit with people. I love to talk with these people. I don't feel apprehensive around them. Shit, Scott and Robin already think of Skoora and I as family (and they really want us to go ghost hunting with them).

But I took her to get something to eat, took her home, and them headed home myself. Since I didn't want her paying for my dinner- she'd already bought my lunch- I stopped at Dairy Queen on the way home to get something. I was too exhausted to do too much Friday night, so I watched a movie, took a shower, and went to bed.

Yesterday, oh boy yesterday! My period started again, I've only had a two week break from the last one. I am really not happy about this. So I spent all day yesterday upset over that upset about this stupid paper, and then proceeded to have a small panic attack. I called my Dad after that and talked to him for awhile. After which I found some more sources for the paper, and spent the rest of the day reading yet another drier than burnt toast text. It was awful!

Today, felt like shit when I awoke. My jaw hurt, but that's because I've been clenching my jaw a great deal lately, and I had a migraine. While I was still worrying over my homework, I went to see where Yoda had wondered off to. He was in his spot under the sink so I pulled hi out to cuddle with him. He is so sick. He's been wheezing and sneezing so much. If he doesn't get better I am going to have to take him to the vet, for certain. My poor baby has been having a tough time trying to breathe through all the ick in his nose all day. And he just looks miserable.

I am still reading through sources for my paper. It really is taking far too long to read through this stuff and I am sitting here, muddling through it. I have taken two breaks, one for dinner, and one to talk to Skoora via facebook because her cell reception is crap at the college. I've printed out all the web articles and will be reading and highlighting them tonight. I'll write the damned annotated bibliography and turn it in as well, and start the rough draft of the paper. I really want to get this stupid paper finished before Tuesday because my friend Christine B. is supposed to come for a visit, well, I'm supposed to go get her. But that all depends on whether or not her mother decides whether or not she's going to go visit her friend. Look, I get that the woman wants to go visit her friend, but she and Christine's Dad leave every fucking weekend to go to their boat and leave Christine, alone, with the dogs, unable to leave the house until they get back. Christine can't drive and there aren't any buses in the Sliver Valley. Anyway, I really want Christine to come for a visit to give me a break from the homework, so I can take her to Wonders of the World, and also because there is a class on essential oils on Thursday night.

And my back has decided to start acting up again.

So, yeah, lots of crap and with a little bit of fun. And no I am back to working on this stupid paper. Of by the way, I will be happy if I manage to get a C, ecstatic if I get a B, and if I somehow, by some miracle, get an A, I might just faint. Sorry I am just so entirely frustrated with the entire project that I want to scream.      

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