Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Good night my sweet Prince.

Yoda sleeping in my Roy Mustang blanket

Today, I finally had to do it. I had to take my furry baby to the vet to be put to sleep. He was just so miserable. While he was eating a little, he wasn't able to get around much at all anymore. 
I already miss him so much and I'm a little scared for Galen. He didn't do so well when Yoda was at the vet for a few days, I don't know how he will do with Yoda being gone now. 
I wish my Mom were here. I wish I could fly her up, but neither of us could afford it and I wish Skoora were here too.

He isn't miserable anymore. He's at peace and I hope he found his buddy, Ludwig and that they are playing together. I hope they are both with Pandy and Ceaser too. 


  1. Rest in peace, Yoda. I'm so sorry for your loss, Hannah. I too wish you had someone there with you at this time, I hope someone comes around soon.

  2. My friend Christine B. Came for a few days and we went to a small class put on the pagan group a few days ago. Today Christine has gone home and I feel like I want to get out of the house but I don't know where to do or what to do really. I thought about going to a movie and then I thought about doing some house work and homework. Don't know, don't want to do any of it.