Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Scatter brained, caught up, and smokey

Narcisa found the punch bowl.
I'm going to keep this brief because I am terribly distracted. 

We still have forest fires going all around us and as a result, our air quality is awful! Today it wasn't so bad, but for a few days off and on we couldn't see the mountains. Saturday the sky had an orange-yellowish hue, it was really disconcerting. 

I ended up falling behind a little with my homework but I did get caught up this week. As it turns out I really don't like my photography class. It all boils down to the contact sheets. I know how to make them but adding in the camera settings or meta data has been hell! I tried to add it in in light room, in bridge, and in photo shop and had to e-mail my teacher. Its supposed to input it a certain way. She said to do it manually- which I had thought of doing- but wanted to get it formatted right. I know there has to be a way to do it but after several days (off and on mind you) of watching youtube tutorials, no dice. So that was frustrating and my teacher is a bit frustrating too.

For my new media publishing class, things are going really well. I had to create a website for my writing as the class project. I will be doing other things with it and adding to it a the term continues. 
Here is the link, don't get confused, I am using a Pen name because there is another Hannah Richardson in the world somewhere who is also a writer. I don't want to get confused with her. So my pen name is Hannah Proviance. Proviance is a family name from one of my ancestors. 

This summer is weird. It was really hot and dry and then it was kind of nice out. Now we are back to the yucky heat. I am ready for it to be over and relish fall. It has been so hot in our house, even with the air conditioner (because the lay out of our apartment is so stupid). Amanda and I can sleep with the fan on full blast and still be miserable and sweaty. So we moved our bed out into the living room, something that really bothers Francis, her dad. Tough shit! Last night was the first night that I actually slept nicely. I even got a little chilled. 

Oh company. This is another reason why I am ready for school to be over. We've had people in our house almost non-stop. We've had several people at once even. I really need some time with Amanda. I really need some time to get my shit together without feeling like I have to entertain someone. I need to get my bedroom picked up and put back together, laundry caught up, that sort of thing. 

Well, cousin Kitty-Kat is here and we are watching The Vicar of Dibely and later Les Miserabe or Dracula Untold. I'm off!


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