Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Planner, Day of the Dead Skulls of Ancestor Remembrance, the Super Moon- flyby craft post.


Planners. I like google calendar but sometimes it doesn't sync between my phone and my computer, which can be frustrating. I really like having a "hard copy" book version anyway and have since discovered planner stickers on pinterest. Typically I spend several hours once a year searching online or in bookstores looking for the perfect planner for the upcoming year. This year as I began that search, I said fuck it. Why waste all that time when you can get a cheap one from Wal-mart and make it pretty yourself. Plus that gives you craft time, which in my book, for me, is self care time.  I made mine a little witchy and with a Halloween flare using spiderweb washi tape, stickers, and some other embellishments. I have no idea how it is all going to hold up being battered around in my purse, but I suppose that is the beauty of it, if it gets messed up, I can always redo it. 

I know I am a bit late in sharing these, but better late than never. A friend of ours bought us foam squares to craft with and I'm pretty sure Amanda was the one who came up the idea for using them in this way. I decided to write out names of ancestors or family members that I wanted to honor in a more direct way on pretty paper and tape them to the skull once decorated. This one is for my father's family.

All the animals in my life that I've lost got their own skull complete with kitty cat ears. Yes, there are some doggies on their too.

This blue skull was for my Mom's family. 

The next three were just for decoration. 

This one was water inspired.

Fire inspired 

I'm not sure what this one was supposed to be but I was having fun. Amanda has two but I will let her take photos and share them on her blog. 

Tonight we were hoping to get a good glimpse of the super moon since it was raining last night. Well, I got to see it... sort of. I got better photos on the good camera but here is one from my phone.

Hope everyone has had a good supermoon or has been hanging in there!

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