Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Things learned and things I had forgotten about this election, my clarifying doctor visit, and cute things

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I found a cute thing! 

When I was in 8th grade, I had a civics class. When I was a Senior in high school, I had a government class. You know what I mostly remembered from my senior government class? That I tested as a 'liberal republican' and my teacher didn't understand how that could be. Granted this was middle of the bible belt- Kansas, which is a largely red or republican state. Politics weren't a big deal to me then and didn't become so until  got older. However, I did learn things, things I thought I had forgotten but when thinking about the inner workings of the government and last night's dismal election, I remembered. It is my opinion that neither Hillary nor Trump were good candidates or really fit for the position. Both are criminals in my personal opinion but I had less to be afraid of with Hillary than I do with Trump. 

Were there other candidates that weren't republican or democrat? Yeah, Jill Stein was from the Green Party and there was a guy from the Libertarians, and there were a few others from other parties, but with the way things are, they don't really stand a chance do they? They are never really heard or the way things have been, the way things will continue to be unless people act, they never will be and we will be stuck in this bipartisan system. 

Which brings me to the next thing, this business of moving to Canada. Stop, just stop and think. If you hightail it to Canada, you will be doing the exact same things people complain about immigrants in or country are doing, legal or not. (My personal stance on immigration is that I don't mind it as long as people do it legally- no I am not heartless, I understand extenuating circumstances, and I hope for the best, but you have to respect the law of the place you're seeking help and refuge in.) So, instead of running away, why not stay where you are, stop complaining, and actually do something about it. Fight back and keep fighting, actually stand up for what you believe in. Stop complaining and start trying to help fix the problem. Besides, you don't have the right to complain about something unless you've tried to help fix or find a solution or in this case that and got your ass out to vote. By the way the electoral college is stupid and needs to go! It doesn't take into consideration the actual popular vote.

Okay, that's all I am going to say about politics. Moving on to my clarifying doctor's appointment yesterday. After I had processed all that was said and took place yesterday, I've come to the conclusion that I need to find another doctor. Do not mistake or misunderstand that I know I am really fucking fat. I look in the mirror every day, I put clothing on every day. I am hyper aware of my body every day. I do not need to be reminded or even subtly shamed about about my weight not once or even several times within an hour long appointment. 

First my doctor didn't want to weigh me on the regular scale because she didn't think it could handle it. When she took my blood pressure, or lamely tried, the wrist cuff, which felt fine didn't want to work or so he claimed. So she switched to the arm cuff, which plenty of arm cuffs have worked on me in the past and recently. She said it wasn't going to work. So I have to go to a pharmacy and sit at one of those blood pressure machines and then text her my results. Furthermore, while I was glad that she believed me about my period problems, and was sympathetic to the fibromyalgia problems I have been having, she expressed that my depression problems would clear up when I lose weight and eat right "unless there is a chemical imbalance I don't know about" and so will a lot of my "other problems" like not being able to sleep very well if at all the last couple of weeks. A-are you shitting me? I was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety when I was in high school. It's in my fucking medical records- which she has at her disposal! 

Okay, I do not deny that losing weight and eating a bit better will do me some good, but it is not the cure all for my depression. Nor is it a cure all for me being able to sleep or a pain stopper. I mean this woman actually sat there and told me that the reason I can't sleep is because I eat carbs. She is trying to push me into eating a no carb diet, to doing the human growth hormone starvation diet which comes with a large book sized packet of information, and oh yeah, she wants me to buy supplements from her because they are non-gmo and organic- as if I can afford that. She also told me that she in 100% certain that I am diabetic just by looking at me and is sure my labs with confirm that. Then she told me that I am dying. I have no idea if she called in my depression medication prescription, she wouldn't write me a prescription for my heartburn/ GERD problem because it is best if I get off that medication before it is too late (news flash, water gives me heartburn), and she wouldn't even recommend melatonin- a Gods Damn Supplement to try to help me sleep at night. I need a new doctor. I am going to try to get into Amanda's doctor, she's holistic and at least seems to have her shit together better. 

On a much happier note...

I am almost finished with this book. There were a couple of stories that I skipped because I just couldn't get into them. However, there are several really good ones. I really enjoyed Yasmin Galenorn's for instance. I will probably finish it up today. 

Every time we've gone to the bookstore, I've never really had enough to buy this book and it was never in the section where there were deals running. But yesterday, I found it for digital borrow from my library. I almost can't wait to read it. Richelle Mead write the Vampire Academy series and I really loved it. Of course, I still have to read the Bloodlines spin off series and her Glittering Court series, but I am working on it. the last bit of college burned me out a little on reading and I am just now getting back to it. 

One last cute thing...
Don't know who did the art for this one, found this on pinterest, anyway, baby Legolas with kittens perhaps singing for his Dad! 


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