Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Of Boobs, Tears, and Spiders and Vindaloo

Pardon me while I have what my friend Tsuki calls a "lady boner" over Cate Blanchett playing Hela in the upcoming Thor 3 movie! I've always loved her and she became my Elven Queen in Lord of the Rings. I am so excited to see her in this roll, not because I've read the comics- because I haven't- but because she'll be playing what looks to be a villain. Ehm, she's freaking hot!

Prior to my hysterectomy, I had been trying to adjust to my "new normal" frequently. Now, life has giving me the opportunity to do so yet again with the surgery and the resulting aftermath. This morning, as Amanda was leaving, I broke out into tears because I miss one of our friends dearly. This friend is super busy a good deal of the time and while we both completely understand that and never want to become a source of strain, we've really been feeling her absence. 

Anyway, I figured that crying episode was in part because I was up all night writing. I seemed to get a second and then third wind. My stomach was bothering me from the chicken Vindaloo I'd made for dinner- the spiciness of which was on par with my mother's what I consider hell fire chili. When Amanda says it's spicy, you know you're going to experience it again later. I don't think my stomach has quite recovered. My body aches incessantly. Not the sharp pains or intense make you want to vomit kind of pain. No, this is a dull incessant, not quite bad enough to make you take a full on pain pill, but just enough to constantly drive you nuts. Worse, my breasts have decided to hop on the bandwagon. 

I knew I was in trouble this morning, apart from the crying and aches and pains, when I hallucinated a spider crawling long my arm but didn't feel it. I also had a good deal of trouble moving about. I decided to make some coffee and something to easy for breakfast. I ate, I drank a cup of coffee and this cherry and chia seed juice drink, then sat on the sofa with my feet up. I know drinking a cup of coffee seems counter productive, but sometimes when I am really tired, if I drink a cup, the crash helps me go to sleep easier. 

While I did get to sleep, my bastard cat, Thorin, woke me up 3 1/2 hours later. I thought he was hungry. Nope, Amanda fed the kitties before heading out to work this morning. He wanted attention and insisted I pet him. I wanted to strangle him. Now he's sleeping on the cat tower with Narcisa and all I want to do is get the squirt bottle and spray the hell out of him. I can't go back to sleep because the twins will be here in an hour or so. We are taking them to the bus station tonight so they can go on to Seattle for Sakura Con. I also need to do the dishes so I can cook dinner tonight and pick up the living room a little bit. Because I still haven't been able to lay down to sleep, Amanda has been sleeping on the sofa off and on to be near me. I need to fold our blankets, pull the sheet and pillow off to make room for our guests. I kind of just want to curl up and read or watch tv.

While I promised my parents I would read Monster Hunter International by Larry Correia and it is entertaining, I am crawling through that novel. I don't know what it is. I like it well enough, but I don't know, all the gun specs have me stopping to look them up so I know what the hell the character(s) are talking about. I can't help myself because I do like guns and I find it fascinating. But it slows down the reading and I'm not quite as into it as my parents are. However, it is giving me a genuine look into a kind of how should I put this, dumb, hopeless puppy dog, kind of chasing after some girl, that I haven't read before. Which is helpful for when I decide, if I decide to write a character like that. So I will never say the reading has been a waste of time. 

But I have been wanting to finish out Jeannine Frost's Night Prince series for awhile now. Since it has been a while since I read the first and second book, I decided to reread them so they are fresh in my mind as I move into the third and forth, final book. I know I am going to be so sad when the four books ends. I love this Vlad, he's such an ass but a fun ass! Aside from blatant attraction, I think if he were real, he would be a fun friend to have, a scary one of course- he is dangerous- but fun none the less. 


  1. Sorry, I am so behind in blogsphere, as so, many things have occurred. I'm hoping your recovering from your surgery well.

    I like a good curry, but I can only tolerate a rogan josh I love it, even that send my stomach wild. A trick I learnt in India is afterwards have a drink of milk, cream or a yogurt, something alkaline based to calm the stomach's acidity. I learnt that one a long time ago after hangover from cider. Lol.

    1. I'm still trying to get caught up myself, no worries!
      Thank you, I think things are beginning to improve a little.

      I have never had a rogan josh recipe, but I've looked it up and am going to try it out soon, because we really like curry! :)

  2. Is it normal that you're still not able to sleep laying down. Seems like it's been so long! :(
    I can't wait to see Ragnarok for all the Hiddles and Hemsworth. I watched the animated Avengers series so I think I may know where this is headed in future movies. :D
    I finally broke down and got the monthly MS Office subscription. The LibreOffice spell checker doesn't work right and Word Pad doesn't have one. At least not one I've been able to find. I like the grammar suggestions too. A couple were quite useful when I ran a check last night.
    I've got 13 pages (double spaced)so far and I'm hoping it picks up steam soon. I don't want to get into a habit of abandoning projects. I can't tell if I'm doing things like that for the right reasons or if I'm just running scared. It feels like running scared to me.

    I need to cook me a nice spicy meal sometime soon. Or go to Chinese buffet for suuuuushiiii!
    Man I miss TV sometimes. I want to watch that 13 reasons why series but my phone data/hotspot plan only gives me a measly 12 gigs a month. Between social security not giving cost of living increases+inflation finally=I really can't afford to live. I barely squeek by. Not easy living on 775ish when 415.00 is rent, plus 3 credit bills, electricity, blah!!!
    I can eat out once in a while or have Comcast but not both. Not with electricity getting ready to go up when I start using fans or the AC.

    1. No probably not. I did lay down on the sofa for a nap yesterday morning and managed to actually sleep without any problems, so I am hoping to start sleeping in bed again soon. I'm taking this slow.

      YAY! congrats on getting 13 pages! What do you mean doing things for the right reasons vs. running scared (good movie by the by).

      Holy crap! I'm sorry that your living situation is so tight. It's utter bullshit. Our electricity seemed to go up but that didn't make sense because I had thought that I read that our power company had been denied the ability to raise prices. I don't, I think I am going to have to check into that again. Our rent is 660 or 665 now. I can't remember. Rent prices are so stupid too and they only keep going up.

  3. By quitting for the right reasons, I mean because I don't enjoy writing the content. By running scared, I mean fear of failure AND success.

    I always worry I'll get published one time, lose my disability but then not be able to support myself writing, lose my medications and be the lady pushing the grocery cart talking to myself on the streets. Common fear among women my age with or without a disability. Probably dipping into younger ages by now too because the economy is so bad and Trump and his thugs seem determined to make misery rule the day.

    That's a lot of rent money you have to pay! It sounds like rents in Johnson County, Kansas. Lenexa was ridiculously expensive.

    1. Oh, that makes sense now. I worry about the one hit wonder with publishing and then being screwed afterward. Yes, it is dipping in the the younger ages now. I don't fear getting old. I fear what others will do to me when I get old.

      It is, but it's the cheapest 2 bedroom in Spokane Valley with a dish washer, laundry in the unit, and an air conditioner. I get so heat sick in the summer, ever since the summer we worked at the special needs day camp several years ago. I think I had mild heat stroke just about every day that summer- at least that's my grandma's speculation.

      Yeah, I don't understand the rent price for Lenexa, especially since I read somewhere that Kansas is basically bankrupt. How can you expect your residents to pay lots of money to live there when there are no job, the jobs that are there don't pay well enough to live on, and so on.