Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Hang Up

My car was recently paid off. Yay!!!! Right? For that part maybe or maybe my car has a soul and knew so it decided to break down. Turns out it took over one thousand dollars just to get it running and I still have a leak in the radiator, need to replace my shocks, and several other things that will probably cost me another thousand.

Well I’m currently unemployed so I didn’t have the money to fix it on my own and Skoora’s car is out for the count so that left us with no car. On top of that the breaks in my father’s truck are going out. So Dad had to call Grandma for a loan to help us out. My mother jumped all over that and has been using that against me, holding it over my head, to get me to do whatever it is that she wants. Now don’t get me wrong, I have no problems doing the dishes, the laundry, taking out the trash, those sorts of things to help out in return for them helping me out. And I have been doing that, without complaint.

Also, I didn’t complain last night when she said that she wanted to hang out with me. She had the TV going, was talking to me, and I let her use my computer to look at gemstones on her jewelry site and LOLCats, even though all I wanted to do was work on my National Novel Writer’s Month project. I lost four hours of writing time and in four hours I can average between 3000 and 4000 words, even with little interruptions. But Mom wanted to hang out so, I was game.

However, what I do have a problem with is my mom saying that she wants to hang out with me only instead of actually hanging out with me; she chewed me out for three hours. She chewed me out about where to apply for jobs and why I haven’t applied at certain places. Then she chewed me out about the chores and laundry never mind that her laundry is basically caught up (unless she’s got more hidden away that I don’t know about) and the dishes had just been done the day before. So to get her off my case, I went to sleep.

What really depresses me is A) that I had to go to sleep to get a break and B) that she doesn’t understand the importance and significance of National Novel Writer’s Month or why I am participating. Worse, she can’t even respect me enough to let me write while I am at her house. She’s always got to have me doing something. If it isn’t some house work, its letting the dog out every five minutes, making dinner, or getting her soda, or running an errand. Like I aforementioned, these are things I don’t mind doing.

What brings me to why I’m even blogging in the first place about it is that my mother just hung up on me not too long ago. Apparently she’d pissed because I didn’t stick around to sweep and mop her floors today. I’m sorry, today is Amanda’s day off, I haven’t really spent any time at home, and I need a freaking break as well as some UNINTERUPTED writing time. Well that just wasn’t acceptable to her. So we fought about it and I told her that I would do it on Monday while Amanda was at work. So she changed her story and said she never asked me to sweep and mop her floors, that she only asked me to ‘help’ her sweep and mop because she can’t move the furniture.

Haha, yeah right. If I waited on her to do that, I’d be waiting all freaking week, be over there every day of the week, and it would never get done because there would always be some reason why she couldn’t get out of bed. So I told her, no, I would do it on my own on Monday. She of course had to tell me that it wouldn’t be done right if she didn’t do it. And we argued some more and in the end she assumed that I made it quite clear that I wasn’t going to ‘help’ her and hung up on me.

Guess what, because she hung up on me, I’m definitely not going to do it. And because I was so furious with her, I called m Grandmother and told her that I wouldn’t be coming for a visit tomorrow because I didn’t want to see my mom. Grandma understands, thankfully and said there would be other days to visit.

Point of fact: My mother doesn’t want a daughter, she wants a maid. Also, she’s a Chiwawa with Lock Jaw. She never shuts up and she never lets go of anything once she sinks her teeth into it.

So this week, I’ll be going over to do my laundry, I’ll do the chores I normally do to help out and if she mentioned the floors to me again, I’m telling her to get Dad to help her, she lost my help when she hung up on me.

All in all, this is pretty pathetic and she pissed me off so bad I was crying and now have a headache, not to mention that I can’t seem to settle down enough to actually write anything more than a blog post.

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