Monday, January 3, 2011

Not a good start to 2011

Cousin Sheena says that if you don't eat black eyed peas at the 1st of the year then you'll have bad luck. But that's supposed to be a superstition and while I do believe some hold water or carry weight, I don't put all stock into them. However, maybe this one is one of those I should pay attention to. But does it really mean something if I didn't know about it before today though?

My first run of bad luck this year would have to be with my bank and my electric company. You know how you set up a one time pay-over-the-internet deals to pay a bill online and its just supposed to be the one time. Well I did that for my electric 4 months ago. For the last three months my roommate has been paying the electric through her online bill pay and she has a different bank and there hasn't been a problem until last month. It seems that our electric company decided to take the electric payment out of my account without permission or authorization and take the payment my roommate paid them. What gets me is that she paid the electric several days early so the electric was paid on time but still they removed money from my account. That's Bad business no matter how you cut it and since we couldn't get a hold of anyone at all today we'll be speaking with them bright and early tomorrow morning.

So where did that leave me? Overdrawn. I went to talk to my bank about it today and they wouldn't do anything, wouldn't even help me one single bit. All they would tell me was to call the electric company. Now never mind that I have been having problems with my bank for sometime. They constantly lock me out of my online checking and I constantly have to call customer service and wait forever to actually talk to someone to get it unlocked. I pretty much gave up on the online checking bit, it's crap and their 'extra security' is basically bull shit anyway.

So assuming I can get the electric company crap taken care of and they WILL be crediting the money they stole from my account back to my account, then my bank WILL erase the overdraft or they will have a very big problem on their hands. I'm not going to pay for someone stealing from me period.

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