Sunday, January 16, 2011

Birthday Party aftermath...

Last night Amanda and I drove down to Mulvane Ks, to my pseudo big brother's birthday party. Little did I know that we would be attending such event in the garage. It was a clear night last night, out in the country, and probably only 10 degrees fahrenheit. While there was a small space heater and a wood stove in attempt to keep the chill at bay, it failed. Most of us were convulsing from the cold and yet because it was a birthday party and the parental units in the house were sleeping, we remained in the garage to play Shadowrun with Fallout 3 elements. After about five hours of game play, good fun and chatting, I'd had enough uncontrollable shivering, gave Lucas and his girlfriend and hug and hightailed it out of there.

Needless to say we had the heat in my jeep on full blast and then when we got home we turned on the heat full blast. It took forever to get warmed up. I was still freezing by the time I crawled into bed. However waking this morning wasn't as fun as hanging out with friends. I'm achy, got some sinus congestion, a little cough, and I still smell like woodsmoke.

So I drug myself out of bed, wrapped up in a blanket, checked my Facebook, and perused youtube for some music videos. This is one from a band I'm pretty fond of, Sirenia. The song is called Save me from myself. While I'm not feeling the lyrics, the actual music is very nice.

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