Sunday, January 23, 2011

A better day and I donated...

Yesterday I went to get my hair cut. I've been thinking for awhile that I need a little bit of a change for a sort of pick me up. I've typically had really long hair for most of my life. At the longest point I could sit on it. In recent years I've kept it a little longer than my waist like the picture to the right only with bangs.

So, when I walked in to get my hair cut, I knew I wanted it shorter and with some texture and layers. I spoke with the hair stylist and she said with as much as I wanted to take off if I took off a few more inches I could donate it. Well, as scary for me as it was, I had her take what they would need. I had an Aunt who passed away from Breast Cancer and ever though she never chose to wear a wig, I thought it would be good to give a little to someone who wanted to wear a wig. I figure if I can deal with being weirded out for a few weeks with short hair so someone can have a little dignity, it's more than worth it. I take pretty good care of my hair so I hope they can use it to make an awesome wig for someone.

Now what I walked out with is the same length as Sophia Bush in this picture. It's not styled the same way, I wear my bangs differently but it looks okay. Although, my Dad says it makes my face look rounder.

After getting my hair cut, I went home and got ready to go out with the roomie/gf to see some friends. I did the hair curling, makeup, snazzy clothes, the whole bit. We stopped by Quik Trip for some cigarettes like I had planned on and our favorite cashier said to me, "OOO, who let you out of the house"?! That felt really really good.

We met up with some friends and hung out at a club here in town. I saw some people I haven't seen in so long. It was so nice to see them again and even better to talk and joke around. After the club the roomie/gf and I went to one of our friends house with another friend and stayed until 7am this morning. I actually ended up falling asleep on their sofa while we were talking and I felt really bad about it but they didn't mind.

All in all it was a fantastic night and I feel pretty good today. At the moment I'm at my parents house watching a movie with my Mom and helping her make Bierox. I wanted to order pizza but Mom doesn't like Pizza Hut and since I would be the one paying and that's what I wanted... Well, I just decided to cook. I'll get pizza some other night.

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