Thursday, January 5, 2012

To do list for the day completed and I've finally got something like R1 Das Darkwave back!

A couple of years ago I stumbled upon a Gothic/New Wave/ Dark wave/Industrial music station that was  perfect. I fell in love with so many bands and got to hear stuff you just don't hear on mainstream radio here. I could go on and on about what I think about mainstream radio and why I generally dislike it but I'll save that for another time.

The station, R1 Das Darkwave was based out of Germany and aired on the internet and on Winamp's shoutcast radio (also internet radio). I was so in love with the station that I played it nearly 24/7. I only got to listen to 4 of the 10 years they were on the air. For some reason they shut down and it was a cause of great discomfort for me. I tried their recommended alternatives and there was one that I liked but it just wasn't the same. However, two years later while poking around on Pandora, I've found a station someone else put together and it's everything I have been looking for! I've had to make it mine and tweak a few things, but otherwise its great. It'll be a nice addition to the other stations I've created on pandora. 

I don't just listen to Gothic/darkwave/industrial music. I listen to ambient, Celtic, classical, classic rock, movie and game soundtracks, ect... I've very eclectic in my listening tastes but I have certain things that I really enjoy and certain things that I write to or clean and cook to. 

On to my list! I accomplished everything I wanted to do today except watching some anime. My Girlfriend and I, having access to a Hastings store again (not sure why they don't have them in South Central Kansas), were excited to have anime rentals at our fingertips (excited). We are putting of getting Netflix again until one of us has a job just to be safe. So we'll rent from Hastings and Red Box and the video store here in town. We'll probably watch the anime movie in just a bit and then some of one of the anime series we rented. I rented the 1st disk of Glass Fleet just because I was curious about it and every time I saw it advertized on the internet, I was drawn to the art.   

I also decided that I am going to drop a class this quarter. I'm only taking two classes and this will put me at one class, but the material is pretty intense in both classes and while that doesn't bother me so much, right now it is a bit much for me to handle with all the emotional and physical crud going on. I feel that I need to slow down a little, take things one step at a time to make sure I stay in school rather than plunge ahead and loose it. I think I should have taken this quarter off to let myself get settled in and adjusted but I was afraid in doing that I would somehow slow myself down or it would be a set back. But then I often push myself too hard so as not to disappoint others. I need to quit doing that.

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