Sunday, June 1, 2014

Went Swimming, migraines, everything smells funny...


I'm working on a short story in my Fiction Writing Workshop class and my main character is a Moon Elf. Earlier- oh I suppose it's yesterday now, I was just playing around and decided to do an image search of Moon Elves (I do this from time to time when looking for pics to use as desk top wall papers and just to look at) and somehow this guy showed up. I think the piece is actually titled dark elf, but what really drew me in was his facial structure (even though I know its enhanced by makeup), his armor, and I love the horns! Not exactly a Moon elf, but he's pretty so I saved him. Who knows, maybe he's a relation of my moon elf sans the horns. 

I've been really sick from that birth control medication and was actually pretty happy to finish my last dose the night before last. But with the end of that came a ghastly migraine that just wouldn't quit. I've done everything to try and soothe it and make it go away. I've had caffeine, Advil, laid in bed with the fan on me at full blast complete with a wash cloth on my forehead. I've tried naps, I've tried everything short of going to the ER for a migraine shot, which I never could have afforded anyway. I manged to get it semi-tolerable earlier this afternoon and went to the Kroc center to swim and sit in the hot tub. None of that really helped but the nap when I came home did. I'm almost migraine free, the nausea is still with me but I've been drinking mint tea to soothe my stomach. 

Since I put off my homework to try and kill the migraine and get beyond all the sickness from the medicine, I've been running out of time fast. I did get the investigative essays done for my humanities class. I think that after my instructor has looked them over I will feel much better and can really expand on what I've written and then go on to do the 'compare and contrast' part of the paper then do the introduction and conclusion sections before tying it all together to form the final paper. With my short story for the fiction class, I haven't even started this week's revision yet and I'm not going to tonight. I will do it tomorrow after I've gone to the grocery store. I plan to wake up early and head out to beat the crowds of people and I'm not going to buy a lot either. Then after I've come home and had breakfast, I will start on the story until it's time for the library to open and then finish it up there. I am hoping all the brain storming I did with Skoora in the pool today will help me in just punching this revision out. 

Everything smells weird. When Skoora and I came home from the pool the house smelled like a cherry danish, but we don't have any nor have we had any in some time. My hair smells weird too and I know part of that is due to the chlorine. I was kind of dumb and instead of taking a shower right away when I got home, I just stripped out of my swimming suit and put on some lotion. I bought Tokyo Lotus and Apple Blossom from Bath and Body Works - in effort to find my spring/summer scent- not that long ago and you know, it smells weird on skin that has the chlorine. Don't do it. Just don't. I don't normally go for the sweeter scents, I much prefer the woodsier smells but Skoora liked this one a lot, so I tried it. It was nice in the store. It'll be nice sans chlorine too. I tell you what though, I actually really liked the French Lavender Honey. Now that is nice! Still, the whole house smells weird. 


  1. I have a wine tester's nose, and when I have a migraine or is premenstrual EVERYTHING smells weird, or just much more than usual. But chlorine - yuck.

    I'm guessing you were taking birth control for some issue you were having? Hormones will always fuck with your body. I hope you won't have to take any more!

    1. You know what's strange, despite living in a house with heavy smokers for 23 years of my life and smoking myself from the ages of 18 to 29 my nose is really sensitive. I doubt I am nearly as good as you are, a wine tester's nose is fairly sensitive- how awesome! However, having that nose during a migraine can't be fun. I feel for you!

      Chlorine doesn't smell good to me, but I'm kind of used to it. I used to swim competitively and you can't go to the Kroc without smelling it.

      Yes, I was taking birth control to stop an extremely heavy period- I have PCOS and sometimes experience Menorraghia. Since I can't just go get a hysterectomy (can't afford it and will not be covered by the affordable heath care act- so much for that) I have to just deal with it. Thankfully, I don't have to take any more birth control any time soon, at least I hope I don't. I just have to get through the hormone fluctuation which means I'm on day 4 of the same migraine. Yuck! I'll be okay.

  2. Oooooh I will have to try those smells, they smell awesome! And I will make sure not to get chlorine anywhere near them.

    Feel better. :( :( ::hugs::

    1. They are really nice. they have an Moroccan Orchid that I thought I was going to really like, but it wasn't as good as it sounded and Skoora didn't like it. But since you liked the Honeysuckle (which Skoora bought and I've tried and liked) you really should check out the French Lavender Honey!

      I have to feel better. I have homework and need to have some mental clarity to make my papers amazing and my short story even better. Although, my teacher is pretty insistant that I need to go look at his grading rubric despite the fact that he's given 15/15 on three discussion board posts. I do not understand this man. Half of me wants to have him again because he's so annoying, but the other half of me wants to print out his rubric, fly to New Hampshire, find him, and smack him in the face with it. LOL I would never do that, but I did think about it. Ack! speaking of homework, I have to get this story done!