Sunday, June 29, 2014

Started Dominion, need to catch up on Defiance, and well blog

Last night I was feeling pretty weak and achy so I decided to play on the computer. We were watching a stupid movie on Syfy and there were ads for Dominion. Since I don't watch a lot of TV I probably wouldn't have cared too much about it, except that a friend had told me about the show last weekend. He said it was the spin off of the movie Legion. Given that I really liked Legion, I knew I wanted to at least give the TV series a shot.

So, we watched it and from the two episodes I've seen, I like it and want to see what they do with it. And because I was watching the Syfy channel, I
saw ads for Defiance. I didn't get to see all the episode from season one but they are on Netflix now. I'm planning to play catch up on this show today. It't another series I really liked. I figure I can get some crocheting done that way I haven't completely wasted time watching TV all day.

I would also like to get at least a couple of blogs written today. I didn't get very far yesterday. My one hour nap with Yoda ended up being two hours and then I started dinner. I should probably figure out what we are having for dinner tonight too... or maybe I will focus on lunch first since it's that time and worry about dinner later.   

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