Sunday, June 1, 2014

I have a feeling they aren't going to like it...

Just finished up the rewrite of my short story for my fiction writing class and got it turned in minutes before the dead line. Whew! It never would have happened had Skoora not gone over everything with me, because really I was so frustrated and angry, I wasn't seeing all the possibilities or mistakes. So, she get treats for helping me out. 

I have a feeling that some of the members of my group are not going to like this draft and I don't really give a shit. I've tried to include everything they wanted, keep within the allotted page limit, do what the instructor wants, and keep the story as close to something I even want to look at again. It wasn't working. So I did as much as could and well the mother-in-law character is just plain petty and become a full on evil bitch. Some of my group wanted her to be more sympathetic. Um, no, she never was and never will be and that's just the way it's going to be. That being said. I will take this story, which Skoora and I have brain stormed, destroy parts of it, and expand it and turn it into a novel at my leisure. My instructor kept fussing about the beginning being 'the opening of a long leisurely novel'. Well, he's gonna get a novel out of it someday. I'll even send him a copy. Not really trying to be a shit-head with that last statement, just simply saying so.

Since I finally have some time, where my migraine is almost completely gone and the body pain is back to the usual annoying levels- same shit different day- I am going to relax tonight. We'll probably watch  movie, or an episode from any of the tv shows or anime we've been trying to play catch up on. The point is, I don't want to do anything until tomorrow when the weekly homework roll start over again.  


  1. I hear you. I want to get a good start on my NaNo project and then relax a little. I want to go to the library tomorrow and pump it OUT!! I get to kill someone in my story soon and that's awesome sauce! So let's get this ball rolling. LOL.

    1. Yeah.... we are really getting the ball rolling... I've registered for the IEPG camp out and sent an e-mail and you're looking up GoT pictures on the internet. Never even made it to library today. LOL. A slow start but we;ll get there!