Thursday, October 16, 2014

Belated Haunted Humpday # 8

You'll all have to forgive me for being late with this Haunted Humpday post. This is the last week of this term and I am finishing up homework. I have also been sleeping a lot more than I would like but I will talk about that in another post. 

This week I am going to talk about two movies and a little craft from last year. For our anniversary, Amanda took me to Dracula Untold. I loved it! I really liked the cast and the story, the effects, everything! Plus, it sets up the story line for future monster movies. I read an article somewhere, can't remember where, saying that someone was going to do reboots of all of the famous monster movies. I am excited! Especially if Dracula will be in them! 

Amanda and I also watched a movie a few nights ago called Devil's Pass. It's horror film about some film students who want to make a documentary about what happened to a group of people who were lost in the Ural mountains in Russia. It's really interesting and actually a little scary. We enjoyed it. 

 Amanda and I sort of collect Monster High Dolls. Last year for Halloween, we made a house for them out of boxes and various things because they are freaky fabulous and needed to be part of the decor! 

It's nothing special or spectacular, but it was really neat for what it was. We ended up giving the house to one of Amanda's younger cousins so she could have it for her Monster High Dolls. 

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