Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Haunted Humpday 9

It's Haunted Humpday again and this time I am getting to it early and starting off with a recent craft. I actually knocked this one out Monday afternoon. I've wanted a larger tote bag in which I could carry some of my bigger craft projects so I made one. And I fell in love with this vintage witch cameo fabric! So did Narcisa.

Of course I had planned to have at least part of my Halloween costume sewn by now but it just didn't seem to happen today. I am hoping production on that starts tonight at the latest. So in lieu of that I thought I would talk about the book I've finally been able to get back to and the show that's been keeping me company whilst I've been sewing and crocheting. 

My cousin Shi-Chan strongly recommended The Originals, a spin off of the Vampire Diaries. She said her Grandma watches it and says it's better than the Vampire Diaries. (Which I thought was just getting good since I got caught up on last season) She knew how much I loved Elijah when he was in the Vampire Diaries and I was starting to have a love hate viewer relationship with Klaus. So, after waiting for it to show up on Netflix, I decided to give it a go. I rather like it! Elijah doesn't disappoint and here I am hoping that Klaus can still be redeemed right along with him.   

I know I have gushed over Jeaniene Frost's books before but I really do love the Night Huntress Series. This is book 5 of the series and I am really enjoying it. I had to take a little break from it while working on homework and also because there are two spin off books that take place between the previous book and this one. 

Other than that, I have been busy working on Halloween goodies. I've created the event page for the Halloween Party we are hosting, put up the invitation, narrowed down what decorations we are taking (we have so few but I am taking nearly all of them which leaves my house a bit bare), and I have created a large playlist of Halloween Music to play at the party. I've also decided on what food we are going to provide. When it was a smaller gathering at our house a few different appetizers were far more manageable, but since we've so graciously been given a different venue, a friend's house, we are doing nachos. It's relatively cheap and simple to do. Apart from that I have a few other little things to do, sewing my costume being the biggest part.

This Saturday the IEPG is having a large Samhain Potluck and Celebration. We are, of course, going and need to take along some food. But I can't, for the life of me decided what I want to take. I was thinking soup since the days are getting cooler but my friend Fiona (who used to be known as Christine B- she's changing her name) is going  to take white chicken chili. I would make a dessert but lots of people bring those and we invariably end up with more desserts than main dishes and side dishes. So I am trying to decide between pot roast, my cranberry apple chicken, or one of the recipes I found on Pinterest.  It's so hard because all of it sounds so good! Especially right now when its 2 am I am hungry and could really go for a snack. Time for some water and for me to hit the hay.

I keep forgetting to do this: Thank you Marfi for hosting this project!!!


  1. Love your tote, very pretty fabric indeed! Not a fan of The Originals though. I liked the two first seasons of Vampire Diaries but after that I couldn't be bothered.

    I have to adjust my costume for Halloween, and I haven't gotten around to it either. I'll try to get to it this weekend.

    1. Thank you!
      You should get to your costume this weekend! I might push mine until the weekend because no one is feeling up to do a thing tonight. I have a problem with Elena. She's a self righteous whiny butt! I pretty much watch the show for Damon, Bonnie, and Caroline.

  2. Hi, I've been catching up on your HHD posts, don't know how I missed them!
    Your kitties are adorable and I love the cameo witch fabric. I've only seen a couple episodes of the Vampire Diaries, may have to check out the Originals though.
    It does seem disrespectful for others to want to call your kitty by another name but it's been my experience that they always respond to the name used by the person who feeds them. I had this same argument with my mother-in-law over my wonderful late kitty, Garamond .Luckily for me he was willing to prove her wrong! I think Narcisa is a beautiful name and seems to fit her perfectly.
    Thanks for sharing, sorry I've been missing your posts!
    Cheers, Sarah

    1. Thank you for reading Sarah! I really like the Originals, mostly for Elijah. The name Garamond is really neat and I am glad that he helped to prove her wrong.