Thursday, October 16, 2014

So tired, my phone is crapping out, and the last week of the term...

Amanda and I made a late night run to Wal-Mart the other night and ended up getting chips, chocolate, soda, and a Rocket Raccoon pillow. She'd been wanting to get me this pillow for awhile and since it was on clearance, she decided that night was the night to get it. I've been sleeping with it ever since.

I haven't really been on the computer since Monday during the day. So I haven't had the chance to talk about my wonderful 7th Anniversary. I got all gussied up and Amanda picked me up after she got off work. She had flowers waiting for me in the car, which was really sweet! We went to Azteca, a Mexican food restaurant, and we both devoured our food. It was delicious! Probably the best Mexican food I have had since moving up here. We even had dessert. Then we went to the late showing of Dracula Untold. I loved that movie and the soundtrack is really good too! Of course you can probably guess what we followed all of that up with. It was a really good night! Oh and I pet a bat at our table, it was a fake one, part of the restaurants Halloween decor, but it was so cute, I had to touch it!

Wow, I don't know what's going on here in town but police, fire, and ambulance sires sure have been going off and on the last few minutes. Hope people are okay and there isn't another big wreck somewhere. 

I have been so tired the last couple of days. My skin is breaking out, I've been craving everything, and been really hungry, and sleeping far too much plus I have been really exhausted. So that means I am getting ready to start my period. Since I've missed the last two months, I'm going to have a bad one this time. I just hope it's not so bad that I have to be put on meds to stop it again. I HATE that. I also hate that I crave such crappy processed food all the time. Pizza rolls are a total go to for me and not a good one. I always crave steak or cheese but around this time I want all of that along with cake candy, pizza, chips, and other crap. Why can't I crave other things?! 

This is the last week of this term for me. I've been doing the last of my assignments and just have a couple more to do. They won't me take too long, for which I am happy. I am also happy that it looks like I will have an A in my writing class and a B in my World Lit class. Hopefully that will bump my GPA up a little more. I'm sitting at a 3.33 but I want to graduate with at least a 3.50. 

My cell phone has really begun giving me the finger. I've had it for several years and really liked it! It;s not a smart phone, it's a dumb phone but I never really minded because it had a nice slide feature that had a qwerty text keyboard. But it's had a little water damage, it beeps at me when ever I am on the phone, sometimes you can't hear your calls very well or the person you're talking to sounds really quiet, and did I mention that Amanda recently dropped it? Yep, she dropped it and stepped on it. So now it's kind of loose and wobbly. LOL, and recently my keys don't want to register. I have to push them several times before they decided to cooperate. So, I am going to shop a little bit on  Amazon and see what I can come up with. I am going to gravitate toward a smart phone. 

Aside from that I need to make a birthday card for my cousin. I'll do it on the computer and e-mail it to her or post it to facebook in a message to her. I also have a lot of sewing to get done this weekend and next week.


  1. No-one craves "healthy" stuff, because there is no energy in it - it's all fibers and vitamins. Even the cray cray health buffs ACTUALLY crave protein, fat, sugar and salt like the rest of us. The problem is that all of it is readily available to us, all the time. And our bodies and minds weren't evolved for that.

    1. No, I suppose we weren't. I am going to start up the weight-loss hypnotherapy again- didn't finish it the first time and kind of blew it when we went on vacation- to help curb some of this craving crap. I just have to get ahead of some of this. My back, the PCOS, both can really kick the crap out of me and it's a fight to get out and get moving. Guess I need to just come to terms with the fact that I will be stuck at fitness facilities and constantly monitoring everything I eat for the rest of my life. Which is actually kind of depressing... ugh! Oh well, I'll be better for it, I suppose.