Sunday, August 30, 2015

Photography Instructor

Normally, I am much more patient when it comes to my instructors. I know that the probability of them having more than one class and since each class often times has 27 students , I try to give them time to grade my assignments and get back to me via e-mail if I have questions. But today, I have had it with my photography instructor. In fact, I am so pissed at her that I can't even work on any homework for her class. This is quite possibly worse than the Astronomy teacher who dumped me from his class after I missed three weeks because of a stomach infection despite me having all the homework and the final project finished and ready to turn in before the final test, and knew it because I got told him as much, several years ago.

I fell a week behind in class after a week and a half where I could barely stay away, much less move, or go out to take photos. This was because I was having a particularly bad period (PCOS strikes again) and my fibromyalgia flared up as well. I emailed her and let her know what was going on and she said everything was fine, get things in as soon as I could. So I did that. 

In the last couple of weeks, due to the raging fires in my part of the country- which she knows about too- I have had trouble getting out to take photos and got a little behind again. I'm sorry, no photography assignment is worth me risking my health or that of my 'model' via smoke and dust inhalation. I also had my model's work schedule to contend with and have a day where I wasn't in a too much pain to go out and get the shots I needed. I have been working to make those assignments up as well and had managed to get caught up. 

Well... *insert rage fit* This woman leaves comments in the grading section where in she tells me that the instructions from the beginning were that I needed to submit my files in PDF form not JPEG. Which is really fucking hysterical because I e-mailed her about this very thing since all my other classmates were submitting things in JEPG form. Her response to that e-mail was that she was confused about my confusion and didn't bother to try and clarify. On top of that, I have been submitting all my short answer quizzes in .odt files, which for those of you who don't know, is open office. So she gave me an BIG FAT ZERO and said that I needed to resubmit it the quiz because she can't read the file. *SCREAMS* Are you fucking kidding me?!!!! She also gave me 2 points out of 27 on my critiques for my other classmates stating that all I did was tell them that their photos were great. Bullshit! Yes, I told them that their photos were great, because they really truly are but I also discussed composition and use of deep and shallow depth of field. I mean really? Do I need to screen shot every single post and e-mail?!

My neighbor wants to do just that and send it all to the Dean of my college with a letter of complaint. I probably should, but why do all of that and waste more of my time, when I can just wait for the instructor eval form to come up and make my complaints there. I figure by the time I go in and "fix" everything and finish out this last week, I will at least pass the class. Then I can call adobe and cancel my 30 subscription because that was a bit of a nightmare (they charged me twice for one month) and be done with it all. 

I just need a fucking break. I need a week to decompress and do some things that I have been putting off. I need to breathe. I need to start writing again damn it!


  1. I'm sorry about all this - what a hassle! I hope the finishing up and passing will go smoother.

    1. Me too. And it's okay, I just want a passing grade at this point. There are more important things than an A in life. And I got what I needed to learn out of the class.