Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Some Photography pics, Ghost shows, and Cats...


Homework for today was still life and playing with light. My subject of choice was my statue of Freyja. I set up a tri-fold presentation board in the dining room- because we have a large window to let in natural light-, threw black fabric over it, and darkened the room for some shots. I used an LED flashlight for other shots as well. 

I really like this one because of the overhead direction of the light

For this one I used a table cloth I found in the craft/dining room. 


While I was setting up with the table cloth, Narcisa decided I had made the scene expressly for her.

She didn't even want to move when I set Freyja down. She's kind of giving me cross eyes as if to say "Pbbt!"

Ellie wanted to have her picture taken too. 

I picked up the Witches & Pagans magazine this month. So far I have read the Heathen articles, an article on Hestia, a reader's spiritual journey article, and one on Green Magic. I have a couple more that I want to read as well. There was an advertisement for Hekate's Sickle Festival. Taking place on Halloween/ Samhain weekend, it looks really interesting and fun. I would love to go, but Amanda and I don't think that we will be able to manage it this year. Perhaps next year. The magazine is accepting submissions for a couple of things and I might submit something eventually. I am going to keep an eye on what they want and go from there.  

So while I am doing homework today; tonight my ghost shows come back to SYFY. I've been watching Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Witness for several years now and enjoy them. It's time for fall when they come back on the air with new episodes- although I have been feeling the pull of autumn for a couple of weeks now. 

Well, I am taking a break from my photography class for the day in favor of writing my new media publishing final paper. 

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