Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Voice mails, crochet, and procrastination... story stuff!

For my next project, I am going to make this. And I am going to make a cowl that can be worn with it or separately. Truth be told, I kind of want to make a hooded cowl that has either cat ears or bear ears on top. I know, I'm a 31 year old woman, but cowls like that are so cute!

All of this crochet talk stems from me getting on facebook today and asking one of my Stich n Witch friends about the picture above. She sent me to the actual pattern on Ravelry and then I spent the next hour or so chatting with her and looking at Halloween and Gothic patterns. I would really like to make some shawls and I found a really adorable vampire Amigurumi pattern.

Of course, I haven't made anything like that before, so it will probably take some time and practice. 

Since I have been chatting with a friend about crochet and perusing Ravelry, I've kind of pushed off my homework for the day. And... I am still doing so by writing this blog. But then again, I am still getting something I want to be doing done, so it's worth it to me. 

However, my adviser from SNHU called and wanted to catch up. I only know this because I listened to the voice mail he left when I didn't catch the call. Anyway. He s concerned about my grade in my photography class. I'm not. I will get everything caught up and turned in before the class is over. Actually, I'll probably get it all done early next week. I don't care if I get an A, I just want to pass the class. 

Back to the subject of voice mails. I sometimes miss calls from my Mom, so she will leave a voice mail message for me. I generally keep a couple of her voice messages because I haven't seen her in over a year and even though I talk to her over the phone a couple times a week, I still miss her. So, if I have a moment where I am missing her a lot, I go listen to the messages she left. I have one from my Dad too. I know it's sentimental but sometimes, it really helps on a bad day, especially when I am not able to call my parents. Which has become a little tricky since my Dad is working the night shift. 

Okay, story stuff. I need to write a short story with Witches or a Witch as the theme that's young adult to submit to a magazine in September. I also have to rewrite, add to, and polish an adult Witch theme story I have for submission to another magazine.  Aside from that, I have a lot of work I need to do on one of my novels (well okay, I have a lot of work to do on all three of my novels but I am focusing on this particular novel at the moment). I basically need to get my shit together, write out all the notes, make diagrams, charts, timelines,  and family trees, and tack them all over the tri-fold display board I bought for this project. Then it will be available for easy reference when I need it. 

Yeah, it's a lot of work and on top of all of it, I want to work in making tarot bags, crochet more, get my sewing going, and do some art stuff too. Meh. I'll get it all done in my own time. Except for the writing, that needs to happen asap. 

For now, though, I am going to take a nap before dinner. I made a veggie-hamburger stew and used tomato juice for the, I guess you call it a broth. It smells good. 


  1. Loved reading this post.
    You seem pretty busy lately.
    I hope your crochet project goes well.. Sounds like fun, ooh I'd love a bat wing shawl, lol!!!
    Thanks for stopping by.

    1. Thank you, I have been busy and its not going to get any better any time soon. I don't mind too much, just so long as I have a few days of rest in between.

      I hope the project goes well too. I am going to print out the directions, take them with me, and ask a friend to put it in terms I can understand. I'll take notes along the way. I've never worked from a crochet pattern before so I don't know all the terminology.
      I would love a bat wing shawl too. I'll have to see if I can find or make a pattern for that. If it goes well, then maybe I can make one for you too. It might take me awhile though. LOL.

  2. I like the shawl idea. And yes, you do need to get busy on the books! And the witch stories. I think my own witch story is going to the back burner for now. Death Man is just too important to put off. Keep up the work honey and I know you'll pass the photography class. I like the stuff you did today with the still life. Even though some of it was not so still (i.e. Narcisa LOL).

    1. I like the shawl idea too. I really want to make some nice things for us. I mean other than the time, some crocheted garments really don't cost too much.
      I think I am going to get started on something writerly tonight after my ghost shows.
      I like what I did for my photography class today too. Narcisa is a terd.