Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Curl up

Today is my 3 year anniversary with Skoora. We went to wal-mart for cat litter, cat food, a few food supplies so I can make dinner tomorrow, and got a big cookie. We also went to Papa Murphy's for some pizza. Then we came home, played around on our respective computers for a little bit, talking and looking at things together, and made pizza. A little after we ate I dozed and Sko woke me to get me to go lay down in bed. The problem is, it's only now 9 pm and worse, I'm wide awake. My tummy is a little upset as well and I'm feeling a little depressed. I'm not sure why though, doesn't make much sense.

Well that's that.


  1. Aw I really want a kitty! :( I posted this on an earlier post, but I didn't think you saw: Wow! You know on AF, I go back and check to see if you've updated every once and a while. I was shocked to see you started a blog! Are you planning on continuing any of your old stories?(*coughTRUEMATEcough*)lol

    Anyways feel better soon!

  2. Hi angelgurl! LOL, yes, I got got a blog and at the moment True Mate is sitting on the back burner since we're not certain where we are going with it. Some of the other stories have been looked at and some notes and plot ideas are in the works but they're not as prevalent as some of my original works. National Novel Writer's Month is fast approaching and I have two ideas I have to choose from to work on during that month, November, or I have to finish writing the novel I have been working on.

    Don't worry, I never forget my stories, especially when I have them posted. And I typically warn if it becomes a dead story.

    Thank you so much for checking and still having interest.


  3. Thanks for getting back to me! I'm Mona/Mona Cherii from AFF, I think I reviewed a gazillion times. LOL Oh gosh 2007 wow it's been a long time. Glad to hear it's not completely dead, I always re-read it every few months, because it's my favorite story. And, when you ended that last chapter with them arguing Urg *heart-broken*

    Good Luck with all your writing endeavors!

  4. Thank you and thanks for reading it so much! Really, I'm so excited that someone likes it... *erm* cause it full of smut and not a lot of plot. LOL.

    Tangent Rain's has a few friends down in Corpus Christi who wrote Tristan on one shoe and Minori on the other because they are 'sole/soul' mates. I thought that was pretty cool too.