Sunday, October 10, 2010

I forgot to mention something in my last post...

It seems to strange that something like this would slip my mind or not be at least more prevalent in trains of thought... But perhaps I was focusing more on other things.

My Mom had a best friend while I was growing up and until recent years when said friend became a pill popping junkie and did some things that I won't mention, they were very good friends. Sadly, despite how angry we were with her and this outcome not being totally unexpected, she died from a drug over dose. She wasn't found until 24 hours after she'd died, alone, on the floor in her house last week. It was still a shock and it still stings and we are going to miss her. We might have been upset with her but it didn't keep us from caring for her and wondering if she was alright and what not. It wasn't that we wanted to cut her off, it was that if we didn't, she'd only find ways to take things from us to hurt herself.

On a lighter note, Amanda's cousin Bob flew down to Oklahoma to visit his girlfriend. Yesterday, they drove up for a visit and this is the first time in a year that we've gotten to see Bob. It's really nice. At the moment we're talking about magic cards.

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