Friday, October 15, 2010

Silly me, long day...

This morning was not a good morning but then again morning and I haven't seen eye to eye for several years now. However, things got progressively better. I ended up going to my cousin's house for the second evening in a row to hang out with my cousin, Aunt, and Uncle. It was fun for the most part, I wasn't by myself. Shi-chan and I watch the first disk of Vampire Diaries, season one. I also tried to help out with their evening babysitting of my other cousin's kid, who as it turns out, has some kind of worm in her stomach. No, not a tape worm, this is something that apparently is common in children, and said worm makes it so she loses weight and doesn't want to eat anything. So the kid is on a medication that's supposed to be killing it.

Things were very chaotic over there and while I was a little sad to leave, I am happy to be in the quite of my own living room.

Speaking of my living room... I have been watching Kuroshitsuji or Black Butler. So far I really like it and adore Sebastian.

And now I am going to post this because I am exhausted and I'm feeling queasy not to mention can't really focus at the moment.

Oh and the silly me part... I accidentally started following myself on here. I don't know how I did it and probably won't exert any extra energy tonight to figure out how to un-follow myself until tomorrow or later.


  1. Eek, when my sister was little she had worms living in her belly too. She was already a kid who didn't like to eat and then she didn't eat at all. Her ribs started actually poking through her skin and she would get irritation where the bone kept rubbing against the skin.

    The doctors put her under medication to kill the worm, and mom and I had to figure out a diet for her. Basically the diet was, find anything she would be willing to eat and stuff it in her! Which was a hell load of junk food and to this day she won;t quit eating junk food.

    The worms died, but the nasty part is when they actually come out @__@ they look like strange spaghetti noodles. I still remember when I saw them. lol