Thursday, October 14, 2010

Two Issues: Part One: Heat Demon

More years than I care to admit, as in over a decade ago don't make me specify, a good friend I was going to high school with told me I was a "Heat Demon". The bizarre reason being that sometimes my face, neck and shoulders heat up so much you can actually feel the heat radiating off my skin a good three to five inches away. It's subtle but still detectable. And the rest of me... Fine.

Well, I haven't had an instance like that in a good two years. However tonight my face, neck, shoulders, and even my back are so hot I have to wipe down with a cold, wet wash cloth. It's 54 degrees outside and we have the patio door open with a fan blowing on high to get some cold air on me so I can breathe. I'm not sweating and the rest of me is freezing but the places that are heated up are so hot my eyes are watering. Not sure why this is happening or how, it doesn't seem natural.

Thinking of taking to my doctor next time I see her if the problem persists.

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