Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Posting on 3 hours of sleep and absent my glasses...

Yes, as the title states, I am posting on merely 3 hours of sleep and I've left my glasses downstairs thinking that I was only getting up to see where my girlfriend and cats went. I ended up playing on my computer and grabbing a couple of crackers to munch on. If there are any terrible errors, just remember that I can't see the text clearly and no, I am not going to go fetch my glasses so I can.

Anyway, thankfully, the migraine induced by my homework went away thanks to the help of some medication and sleep. I have two more sessions of this class and hopefully I will be finished with it.

Learned something new last night/ 3:30 am, when I finally finished with my homework. I have not been keeping up with some political blogs that I try to keep up with and come to find out, Vice President Biden has decided that anyone in the Tea Party is a "terrorist" and when confronted with it by a Tea Party member, President Obama pretty much agreed without confirming or denying. It's nice to know that people who want to return to the ways of smaller government and the ideals and principals that this country was founded on are now known as "terrorists". And of course the gov, officials won't just stop at naming Tea Party members and activists, they'll move on to plain old Libertarians and anyone else who doesn't think like them. Nice to know my country is run by a bunch of spoiled children who piss on you when they don't get their way and piss on you again just for the hell of it. Really, it's enough to make anyone question their sanity.

Speaking of sanity, I think I am very quickly losing mine. Yesterday I got into a fight with my girlfriend. She decided that picking a fight with me about my very mild case of road rage was a good idea and then progressed onto other issues. When I got home my mom demanded to know what was wrong with me and I finally told her after several minutes of her nagging me. That of course turned into a fight when she accused me of being inconvenienced the night before last by having to stay the night at Grandma's. Let me make this clear, I am never inconvenienced or put out by having to stay the night at Grandma's. I love staying the night over there. The cause for this impromptu stay was that Grandma was sick and needed some help. I was glad to stay but my mom always likes to think the worst of me. *sigh* Mom and I will probably have issues until the day one of us dies.

To end on a much lighter and safer note, I was in my parent's bedroom last night gathering up some laundry and saw a tidbit of a SciFi show called Eureka. Two of the cast members from The Guild were guest starting on the episode, Felicia Day and Will Wheaton. I didn't stay to watch the episode, I had homework to do and laundry, but it was really nice to see them on TV.

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