Monday, August 20, 2012

So sick...

Today has been an awful day. It started a little after 5 am with the most rude of awakenings in which I scrambled to the bathroom to make a nasty mess. I was reminded of Edward Norton's character in The Painted Veil when he contracted cholera and all the fluids in his body decided to vacate. Nine hours later, I hurt all over and want nothing more than to go back to bed and the only reason I am out of it is because I can't sleep anymore and am trying to re hydrate myself.

My girlfriend's parents left for the Oregon Coast this morning and I wasn't the only one who was sick. Her mother is experiencing the same problem. We think it was the eggs we ate but my girlfriend and her Dad aren't sick at all. We have leftovers from last night's dinner but I will be chucking them into the trash. I do not want to do this again.

I would like to eat something but nothing really appeals to me so I may send my girlfriend to the store when she wakes up (she stayed up with me through most of it) to get some soup. It's the only thing I can think of that won't kill my stomach but maybe that's just the go to for when people are sick. I certainly hope I can keep it down.   

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