Saturday, August 4, 2012

Aurora Colorado and the Domestic Terrorist Holmes.

It's taken me awhile to get to working on this particular blog because I've just been so angry and so sad. I don't know anyone from Aurora, Colorado but I really, honestly feel for those who were in that theater the night that Holmes decided to shoot the place up. Frankly there was no reason for it and I absolutely do not think Holmes deserves any sympathy. I do not believe he is crazy. I think he knew exactly what he was doing all along and I will address all of that as I go.

You should probably know that my Father worked in corrections for 30 years. He took me to work with him a lot. I went to school with some of the clients or kids of his clients. Furthermore I have family who happen to be criminals themselves. I'm not a trained professional in dealing with criminals but I have been exposed to them, been around them and their mentality, and seen their tricks enough to know a little something about them. And of course, anytime I have a question about something, I ask my Dad who was a professional and a damned good one.

First order of business, the media is having a fucking field day with this. I only know this because I happen to live in a house where the TV is always on and almost all of that time it is on a news channel. Whether I want to or not if I pass by or through or happen to sit in the living room, I'm going to catch something from one of the news stations. Now, I know that each news corporation is affiliated with a political party. I'm not stupid you can tell in the way the news anchors/journalists talk or discuss certain issues. One particular journalist for ABC made a big boo boo and I personally think he should be fired for it. (I don't know if he has or not, I haven't gone to look and see, this is just my personal opinion.) He didn't do his job and actually research Holmes. Instead he went looking for someone with the same name on the Tea Party registry and then told the nation that Holems was a member of the Tea Party when in all reality Holems is a registered Democrat. Bad ABC man, bad! How about you do your fucking job instead of trying to shove your political agenda at people.

Second, is this business of how Holems looked in his first courtroom appearance. Really people get off the hair color. There are plenty of nice people out there who dye their hair wild colors. And what's was with all that discussion and long drawn out conjecture of his sanity by his facial expressions. Are you kidding me, if you can't tell that that ass hole was coming down off the adrenaline high after all that hell he caused and was simply bored, then you are just an idiot.

And what's with all this 'he's a suspect' nonsense? The police caught him in the act, in full riot gear. He told the police that his apartment was rigged up with bombs. He had a detailed plan and they have the evidence of all the weapons and ammunition that he bought. And by the way, in case you didn't know he had explosives in his apartment an AR-15 assault rifle, a Remmington 12 gauge shot gun, a .40 Glock, and like I said he was in full riot gear plus he had smoke bombs. This man clearly went to the theater with the intent to hurt and kill people but not get hurt himself. He is guilty! And further more I will say what no one else will say, the fucker is a Domestic Terrorist. There is no question about it. He's ruined a much anticipated film for all those hurt. He's made people (not all people but a lot) afraid to go to theaters.  I'm not saying he doesn't have a right to a fair trial, I'm not saying he doesn't have a right to fair representation. What I am uber pissed about is that they are trying to get him off on an insanity plea. Um, no. If the fucker can plan all this shit out, looks bored in the court room, then he can carefully plan out a way to make himself look crazy and personally I don't think he did a good job of it.

Personally, I think they should speed up the trial instead of dragging it out. I think that he should be put in a bullet proof vest and put in a makeshift theater in jail and shot at every day to give him a taste of his own medicine. I also think he should have to work his ass off in jail doing the most disgusting of jobs to pay off the medical bills and funeral costs of all those he hurt and killed. And I think should he get the death penalty if found guilty (which he is) and he should be shot to death by firing squad.

Am I being mean, probably. Do I have any tolerance for this shit, fuck no. But let's move on to something a little lighter shall we.

Someone put up a note on facebook to be 'liked' and 'shared', I think it was the parent of one of the people in the theater that night but don't quote me on it, saying that it would be nice if Christian Bale would come and show the kids and people that even though there are monsters, there are heroes too. Other things were said but I can't seem to find it at the moment to say what all it was. Anyway, I really liked it and hoped that by sharing it that it would get to who needed to get to and Mr. Bale might see it and go. Well my girlfriend's best friend brought out the Troll in herself and said it would be good but she didn't think that Christian Bale was a good role model because he assaulted his sister and mother. What the fuck?! I had seen something awhile back about there being something going on between he and his mother and sister but I never heard that he actually assaulted them. She said that she read something on it but she didn't say where or anything like that and since it was some time ago I wasn't going to press her on it.

So I went and researched this and read through about five or six articles. They all said the same thing. Christian Bale was upset, he'd just lost his friend Heath Ledger, his mother and sister were verbally insulting his wife and he yelled at them because he couldn't remove himself from the situation due to paparazzi outside the hotel. He brushed passed his mother and she got hissy and called the police. He went to the police of his own free will the next day and spent all day in questioning and NO charges were made. Of course I couldn't tell her that but the fact that I had gone and done the research myself was all I needed. Plus if she ever brought it up again I had that information and where to find it to 'attempt' to shut her up.

So when there was news of Mr. Bale going to Aurora to visit the victims and funerals of the victims I made a point to share that news and my thanks to him on facebook. I know he won't see it but still it matters to me and even more so to those who were hurt and lost loved ones that he came. He didn't have too but he did. That's all that matters, not what did or didn't happen with his family months or years ago. As you can imagine my girlfriend's best friend probably wasn't happy but at least she kept her mouth shut this time.

Well, I've said all I am going to say about this for now. I know it was a lot all crammed into one post. 

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