Friday, August 24, 2012

I think the She-Beast Lied...

See that girl? Yeah, that's me, in slow motion... really slow motion. I started taking a new medication the She-Beast (Aka my med doctor prescribed). She said it would give me more energy, she said it would make me feel better... I know it takes a few days to a week or two for something to build up in a person's system but I was more awake before I took the medication and I have been growing steadily more tired over the last couple of hours. Time in which I have been trying to do my pain study lessons in. I finally gave up on them for the time being.

There are a couple of things I need to knock out today. I have a couple of crafty things I need to get done, make dinner, and clean. Well, I need to do as much of that as I can stand. My back is giving me hell for all the walking I did yesterday. I am not impressed. Also, I apparently need to write an article on what makes a good fanfiction. Oh yeah, I forgot, I am doing a writing blog with some friends and the admin of the group apparently wanted me to do the article for the blog. I never saw where she asked and I heard it second hand from my girlfriend who is also part of the writing group. So, that means I need to talk to the admin or locate the conversation on Facebook that I missed. I have no problems writing such an article but it's going to take some time. Especially since I just got the new power cord for my laptop and am finally back on it. (I am really excited, I will feel comfortable enough to actually relax and write! I get all squicked out when I am on other people's computers, don't know why, just a quirk I guess.)

I won't possibly get everything I want to get done, done today, especially not with how tired I am but I at least want to get some of it accomplished. So a short list...

1. Set out some chicken for dinner
2. Figure out which craft I want to do and lay out supplies for it.
3. Work on craft.
4. Make dinner.
5. eat
6. Load and run the dishwasher.
7. Work on my mom's birthday present while watching a movie
8. decide what I want to say in blog article
9. See if Dad is up to playing a little Guild Wars
10. Go to bed.

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    1. Vacuum- still on going because we re-arranged the furniture...
    2. Mount Tea box on the Kitchen wall
    3. You Make dinner
    4. eat
    5. Craft and watch movie