Sunday, August 19, 2012

The sun! It burns it burns!

Went over to my girlfriend's Aunt Lola's for a pool party. There weren't but a few people there so it was easy and casual. My back was really hurting so the cool pool water looked good. But there were a couple of flaws with this plan. The pool is outside meaning the sun was on us constantly. Despite having some fun watching my girlfriend get beaten up by her 14 year old cousin with a floaty noodle, I came home with a killer head ache, a sun burn, and was completely worn out. Which, is kind of strange since I basically stood around in the pool all day. But we don't have sun block and since I nearly always go out covered and usually swim in an indoor pool at the Kroc Center, I didn't even really think about it.

Well, I tried a nap. Didn't work. So here I sit with a head ache, sun burn, and still sleepy but not sleepy enough to go to bed. *Sigh* I hate these moments. My head hurts too much to really read or try writing and I'm too awake to sleep. I don't really want to watch a movie especially since I do want to read or write.

Oh well, I will figure something out to do. On the upside it was nice to talk to someone about Guild Wars and movies. And it was nice to just kind of relax. I think today was the first day in a very long time that I didn't have a panic attack.  


  1. I'm glad that you didn't have a panic attack. And it was very nice that D was able to talk to you about Guild Wars - it's fun to fan over something and since I lack all Guild Wars knowledge I am a poor option for such things. ><

  2. It's okay, one of these days, if you want, you can watch me play. Maybe I'll install it on your computer and we'll hook it up to the TV, how cool would that be!