Monday, September 22, 2014

Busy weekend, Bad news, homework, It's fall!!!!

Finally it's fall! Summer is trying to hang on and give her last hurrah, at least she was this weekend at the Mabon celebration and potluck. We had a more Native American/ Shamanistic ritual at the UU Church. Several people brought drums and we walked the Stone Circle. I, of course, did not take my camera. There wouldn't have been room for it anyway since we had a full car of peoples stuff, food, and well people. 

While we were there a friend from online showed up and we were able to see her again after several years. We actually met her on a Yaoi site, became friend, rped with her, and when we moved to Kansas (she lived in Texas) we went to visit her. Then she came to visit us. We kind of had a falling out for a little bit but as with most friends, we all either patched that up or moved passed it and became friends again. She ended up moving to New York and then recently moved out this way. She's had to deal with some really bad stuff, stuff no one should ever have to go through, but seeing her on Saturday was really good and she's really happy, finally! 

I didn't quite get all of my homework done this week on time. Shame on me! In my defense, I haven't been feeling good again, lots of fatigue. We have also had company, errands, and Amanda had some stuff going on in Spokane and so forth. We were actually very busy and Amanda's parents came home a day early on top of it. 

Our bad news from last week was that the Spokane housing authority denied us for a housing placement. They said we only qualify for a one bedroom and because we weren't elderly or disabled we couldn't live in a certain apartment complex. And there are no one bedroom houses available. I thought that meant that we were off the list. Apparently for that part of housing assistance we are, but on October 1st we can sign up for Section 8, which is a different type of housing assistance. It's complicated and convoluted, just like every public assistance department in this country. On top of that, because I am student and not working our food stamps were cut. I was dropped completely and Amanda will only get 62 bucks for the whole month. Um, okay. Never mind that I can't really work normal job because of my health  and that no one will probably hire me since I haven't worked for the last 4 years despite my efforts to get back on my feet. Ugh! 

Every time I think things are going to get better, I am sadly mistaken.

But, I am going to a class on Draconic magic tonight. I've had a nap and now I need a shower. So I am off! It will take me at least an hour to get ready and I have to run to the bank to deposit the check my Grandmother sent me to help with the cars. I love my Grandma. She always does little things like this even though I tell her to save her money for herself and Grandpa. 

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