Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Haunted Humpday #2: Vampire Kick

Rosario Vampire
Apparently I am on a serious Vampire kick lately. Sunday I watched several episodes of Vampire Diaries season 4 while working on an afghan. I've also been reading pretty much nothing but Vampire Romance novels when not doing homework. And I have two short story ideas lined for my Intermediate Fiction Writing class this term. So, I'll run with the vampy theme! 

Rosario Vampire (the anime): So far I believe I have only seen season one on netflix. It's about a human boy who accidentally ends up on the bus for a school filled with Paranormal beings. (Or was it an accident?) And he is really not supposed to be there! There he meets several girls who all adore him (some might even love him- this is one of those harem type anime's with some male geared fan service). Still, all of that being said there is plenty of fun, plenty of seriousness, and I kind of want to see to the rest of the series as well as read the manga. 

The Moth Diaries: I saw this movie several moths ago and well, it's kind of weird but I like weird. It's about some girls at a boarding school and new girls arrives. There's jealousy, one girl thinks the new girls is stealing her friend away, some mysterious things happen and oh wait... Is the new girl more than what she seems? 

Vampire Diary: This movie has been in my netflix queue for several months and I finally watched it tonight to take a break from my homework- and also as a distraction which will be talked about in another post. It was really interesting. I didn't think it was going to be found footage, but I don't really mind found footage. Anyway, it's about a woman who is making a documentary of the weekend vampire scene in London. While at one of these gatherings she stumbles on a beautiful female Vampire who is filming her in return. They end up becoming lovers pretty quickly, there are some definite surprises, death, some sex, and birth. It was was certainly a different take on vampire society and how they conduct themselves. 

Sadly, I don't have any crafts to show case this week or any stories. It's strictly visual media based (I've been really sick and had a huge load of homework last week). However, next week I am hoping to have more. We're going to dig my Halloween/autumn stuff from the garage and I might even have written one of the Vampire themed short stories for class to post.  Until next week, have a happy...

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