Thursday, September 4, 2014

Weird urges, football cupcakes, and holy crap do I have a lot of laundry!

Today, while taking a break from homework, I checked my facebook and a cousin had posted some really dumb ass article about what every basic white girl does. I think I only actually do three on the list of I think it was 20 or maybe 27 and only a couple others were things I would like to do. Standing in line for the next Iphone is not one of them. Sorry, I'm not on that bandwagon. I've had the same phone for the last several years and while I will one day replace it, it will be for another Samsung (but that day is very far away). Le gasp! Anyway, on to the point. Somehow, while looking at the blurb about fall hair color, I ended up on Pinterest, looking at someones board and ran across this lovely picture of "Everyday is Oktoberfest" nail color. Oddly enough while ogling this pretty color, I started to get the urge to paint my nails. But it didn't stop there. I actually looked at "fall hair colors" and make up and nail polish ideas and thought about perhaps trying out some fun make up. I have an eye shadow pallet with 88 shimmer colors that Skoora bought me for Christmas last year so I thought about this...

and this

I think I have all of these colors too. I probably won't get up and do this tomorrow morning, but I do like to play with my make up now and then. It seems to be time again. I probably won't do my nails until this weekend, maybe. 

Skoora and I went to the library today. We used her parent's car to get there. It was pretty much an essential trip. Skoora can't write much at all when at home. Her parents pushed for her to go back to school but then they don't want to turn television volume down or stop talking long enough for her to actually get anything done, much less leave her alone. Granted Skoora is one of the biggest procrastinators I know, but still, her parents have bothered me enough that it's hampered me as well. I mean you can only turn up the volume of your music so loud before it hurts or you can't even think yourself. And having someone actually try to carry on a conversation with you despite seeing and knowing you have headphones on, not taking the hint what so ever, is really annoying. But what really makes me so angry I couple spit nails, is that her mother refuses to own up that she a huge hindrance. She almost never stops talking, she is always calling for Skoora to do things, and there's more, but she had the audacity to say "don't blame me because you can;t do your homework." Let me tell you something, I wait to start my homework in the mornings until after Skoora's mother leaves and I try to get as much done before she comes home. 

So needless to say, I clamped my mouth shut tight, and hurried from the house with my homework and laptop as fast as I could because I am in such a way, that if I did say what was on my mind, no one would have accomplished anything. Feelings would have been hurt, and I might have had to call my parents to see if they could get gather enough money between themselves and my Grandparents for me to move back home for good. Seriously, I have had it. Actually, I've been at the end of my rope for a very long time. Skoora is finally reaching that point too. And today, I told her, while on the way to the library, that I know there have been times when I needed her and kept her from getting as much homework accomplished, but at least I admit it and have been really trying to not be such a bother.

After the library trip, I drove us to Wal-Mart for some treats. Yeah, I know, I really shouldn't have but we don't get treats that often any more because I am trying to push us toward healthier food. But today, I just needed some damn chocolate and since I crave salt all the time, some potato chips. We still have some food stamps so that's how we were able to afford these things. We ended up with some chips, a discounted batch of brownies with little football rings on top (not that I care two shits for American football, I like European and Liverpool is my team if I have to have one -oh the days of Michael Owen before he was traded to Madrid), I got Ding Dongs for Skoora, two bottles of Ginger Ale because I wanted a soda fix. But I did choose to get a few marginally healthy things, one being a can of ravioli, two boxes of lean pockets for when we run out of sandwich stuff, and the only granola bar I don't have to make myself and it's pumpkin flavored! It also has lots of seeds and less granola, which makes me happy. And I managed to only spend 20 dollars of our food stamps. It should all last us several of days if we really thin it out and only really eat this stuff for a snack or a very small treat. 

When I went into our room to hide our treats (I have the strongest will power out of anyone in the house and I find that a little frightening), I really looked at our laundry situation. Holy fuck! I think half of our clothes and all of our towels are dirty. I really need to do laundry and I will, if I can get someone to help me carry the baskets into the laundry closet. I'm getting stronger, but I'm not that strong.  As much as I don't like admitting that I am not house wife extraordinaire, I know my limits. 


  1. I hate to break it to you but neither ravioli nor lean pockets are especially healthy. Lean pockets are in the "normal" range but ravioli contains no fiber and barely any nutrients - it's mostly carbs. I don't care about diets or being healthy, but I object to multi-million dollar companies labeling processed foods as "healthy" when they really aren't.

    1. LOL yeah no - those weren't even marginally healthy. We bought carrots and grapes the other day and those I would say are marginally healthy but not the stuff we got for our binge. ^^

  2. I know they aren't as healthy, but they are better than the potato chips and ding dongs, which was why I said they were marginally. And this was a treat run. If I were doing grocery shopping- at least when I have food stamps or money of my own and have some control over what I get to eat, I don't get anything from the middle of the store unless it's flour and cooking oil and frozen vegetables or frozen meat. Other wise it is all from the outside.

    The thing with diets is that they don't actually work. Especially when you stop them and eat like you used to, you'll just gain it back and sometimes a little extra. It's actually better to eat three small meals a day and two snack. By small they actually mean no more than two cups of food. That's great and when I had more control over what we were eating and had some control over the kitchen and could cook, we all ate better and less because I wouldn't cook as much food. But Skoora's parents eat like two meals a day (not good for diabetics to begin with) and because of that, they are hungier and over eat and because it's cheaper and easier for her mom to buy the processed, half done boxed meals, she does that. She doesn't want to spend too much time in the kitchen and I suspect that she doesn't like it when I cook because I actually take the time to cook things right, things with flavor, and my cooking tastes better than hers. That's okay, she and Skoora's Dad can eat the stuff that's slowly killing them and Skoora and I will eat real food and less of it when we finally get the hell out of here.
    Did I mention that they are going on vacation next week?! Skoora and I can finally have curry and well, vegetables again. It'll be so nice! Oh and wheat bread too!
    Sorry, I just really can't wait to get out of here.