Wednesday, September 24, 2014

If I can accomplish one thing today it will be this Haunted Humpday post #5

Well, for some reason I just couldn't make myself rewrite that story I talked about sharing last week for this week. I think I got about half of  one classes homework done yesterday before I called it quits. Perhaps next week?

So in lieu of my story I will share some of the cute children's books I found and the library last year. And I really had to look for these books. I don't know why my library had them in the far back corner away from the children's book section, but they did and they have sense moved them, where I haven't figured that out yet.

Pumpkin Cat is about a mouse who teaches a cat how to grow pumpkins!

Vampire Boy's Good Night is about a little vampire boy and a little witch girl who go in search of children!

Zen Ghosts was really interesting. It's lesson was Zen in nature but with a Halloween theme. Pretty cool! 

I really enjoyed all three books and recommend them for all ages. I actually thought about buying a couple of children's Halloween books when I was at the store today. Wal-mart had a small display of them set up in one of the main isles near the Halloween section. But we were limited on funds so that will have to wait.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Haunted Humpday! Amanda and I are off to the KROC Center to swim and run off some energy so we can focus better.