Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Narcisa, jobs, burns, freak out, one good thing if it kills me. Amanda aka Skoora

Firstly, I am going to stop calling Amanda, my girlfriend, Skoora. It was an internet nickname she had on a  website but no one from that site comes here so there's no point. So from here on out Skoora is Amanda. 

Now, Amanda didn't get the library job she applied for or the job at Barnes and Noble. However, Barnes and Noble did tell her that they are keeping her in mind for their November hiring run. Um okay. So we are back to square one for her as far as looking for another job, which sucks. 

We've run into another set of problems. I didn't get as much in student loans as I was expecting. I talked to the school to figure out why and it was because of the class I dropped last term. So that didn't help very much because we are still broke.  On top of that we got some good/bad news. My Dad has an interview with a correctional facility in another county. He worked in corrections for over 30 years. I am excited for him, if he gets the job he and my mom will have much needed health insurance, and they will actually be able to breathe financially. The down side is that my Dad's blood pressure will probably skyrocket. The other downside is that my Dad is talking about signing over the townhouse to me. That's really cool but there's bigger financial problems than we are already facing if we move back and my parents for all their "we'll make it work" aren't seeming to get that or that if we move back to Kansas I won't have access to medical and mental health care like I would if I moved to Washington state. There a lot more to it both, pros and cons to moving back to Kansas or moving to Washington. Ugh! Needless to say between the stuff we've already been dealing with and now this, I've been having a lot more panic attacks. 

I did finally manage to get some depression meds. I called my doctor and she switched me back to something more affordable. I picked it up yesterday and already feel better. 

I burnt the crap out of myself tonight while making dinner. I was pouring the boiling water out of a pot into the sink and some splashed up at me, got me right in the stomach and then of course, trying not panic or drop the pot, I tried to keep a hold of it but ended up splashing more water out. I ended up dropping the pot and have been sitting on the sofa with a cold wet cloth on my stomach. So far so good. 

I'm going to try and work on saying at least one good thing in future blog posts. There's so much negativity in my head all the time. I horrible everything, thinking of worst possible situations and such almost constantly, and it cycles around and around. I would like to change that. 

Today, I looked in the mirror when I was in the bathroom and saw a red spot on my collarbone. I checked it closer and I have a small hickey. You know who gave me that hickey? It wasn't Amanda, it was Narcisa. She's still trying to nurse on our necks at night and she really got me last night. I am not impressed. But on the other hand I suppose her vampire skills are improving. 

Oh and last night, Amanda and I moved the bed into the living room because her parents aren't here for the week and we wanted to camp out. The cats LOVE it by the way. Well, today, as I was hanging some party decorations for Amanda's birthday this coming weekend, I looked over at the bed. Narcisa was siting there all prim and proper with a look that said "challenge accepted Mom". I said "fuck"! and tapped the other end of the foil streamers to the ceiling to shorten them a little more. Otherwise she would jump from the table onto the bar and then try to pull them down all night and probably hurt herself. Well played kitten, well played. I didn't even bother to hag the rest. I will wait until Amanda's actual birthday to do that. 


  1. I'm glad you are back on your meds, I've been worried about you.

    I think it's super cute that Narcisa tried to suckle you!

    I'm sorry you burnt yourself, and...

    ... Happy Birthday Skoora...I mean, Amanda!

  2. Thank you :) I am glad to have my meds now too.

    It's super cute until she wakes you up and won't leave you alone or claws your face while kneading. LOL!

    Amanda says thank you!!!

  3. Who is this Amanda person? Did you break up with Skoora >.> heehee. Anyway I think it's cute she gave you a hickie (better thee than me, as my father would say). And I don't ever want to move the bed back into the bedroom but I know that won't be an option soon. *Sigh*

  4. I probably need to work on leaving a positive note in my negatively toned posts on facebook. An old saying in a 12-step group is that if you're going to leave a turd on the table then clean it up afterward. xD

    How cute that Narcissa bites your neck! Sage makes biscuits on my belly but he doesn't suckle. If I'm laying on my side, he'll lay next to me and make biscuits on mah boobies. lol