Friday, September 5, 2014

The Adventures of Narcisa A. Frog. The 1st Adventure: Narcisa in the Fridge.

I had intended on just calling Narcisa just that, but Skoora's Dad insists on calling her Frog or Froggy. I've had to get on to him about that because I want her to learn her name. I told him I didn't mind if her name became Narcisa A. Frog so long as he called her by her name to being with. (The Frog comes from her jumping about like one, A just means A kind of like the.) 

Any way she gets into everything! She is rambunctious and generally a pest to the other cats. One night I managed to snag my white digital camera back from Skoora's Mom- she uses it for work- long enough to catch some video. I kind of want to make some more video and make a little series of short videos. So here is the first, please ignore the mess of the house, it doesn't usually look this messy. 


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