Sunday, September 28, 2014

I keep trying to disappear into the couch but it's not happening...

I made the mistake of coming home from Corbin park today so I could pee in the comfort of my own bathroom. Of course, Amanda's parents said they were going fishing today. They didn't. No, they were home and moving some stuff out into the garage. I decided to pick up the bedroom a little and vacuum, which was a mistake. Like every morning I woke up in pain but vacuuming really hurts my back. I did manage to get the sheets into the wash. 

~Side note there is something beeping in this living room but I don't know where or what~

So, I decided to take a rest and watched a Dude Like Hella Vlog, check my e-mail and what not. Amanda's mother began to chit chat about half a dozen things, most of which involve me doing this or that with her but nearly all of it I don't have answers for. Like decorating for Halloween. Amanda and I haven't decided what we are doing yet and I have a friend's birthday part to plan/decorate for so I don't want to go doing a bunch of stuff, especially when I hurt. 

But this woman is awake and hyper and ready to go, talking incessantly. At least she was for a few minutes. She's informed me that she is going to go lay down because she hurts, which I don't doubt. She's running herself ragged at her job and really shouldn't be working in the first place. Still, I need some quiet time to edit my story before I turn it in tonight and I'm just not ready to be talked at. I'm actually very tired. Chronic pain takes it toll on a person ad more than that, I've been feeling kind of sluggish so either I'm having another bout of anemia coming on or I am getting ready to start my period. Since I missed the last month or so, when it comes, it will be awful. 

Ah, but she has gone to bed and the house is quiet, finally. Time to get back to work... or take a quick nap myself. I'll switch the laundry before I do anything else.    


  1. I can't imagine having to live with my "mother-in-law", I think I'd go crazy. I'm sorry that your work and living situations haven't been working out for you.

    What are your choices, are you on disability?

    1. I've been living with my mother-in-law for the last three years. I have gone crazy. We are just trying to Amanda another job and graduated from her MFA Program. If she can get a suitable job in Spokane, and if we can get a housing voucher, then we can move the hell out of here. Otherwise we are stuck.

      I applied for disability and was denied and it was the most stressful, drawn out, and humiliating process. I am in school at the moment and doing well so I don't know how that will affect things. I want to get myself to the point where I can try to go back to work. That way if I have to apply again, my record at least shows that I tried.