Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Haunted Humpday(s) 3 & 4

Last week I missed Haunted Humpday blogging due to being out of town so frequently. It really was a crazy week! Anyway, Amanda's parents are blessedly out of town and we kicked off the week with beer and garage diving for my Halloween/autumn decorations!

When I worked at ABC Discount Liquor and Smoke shop several years ago, I tried Sam Adams Octoberfest and loved it and I don't like beer. I like rum, vodka, gin, and sake. Anyway, every year since then I have tried to get a 12 pack of Octoberfest. Well this year, given everything that's been going on, I decided to try the Harvest pack from Sam Adams, which includes Harvest Saison, Octoberfest, Harvest Pumpkin Ale, and Boston Lager. I haven't tried them all yet, but I am looking forward to it. Amanda and I also picked up Angry Orchard's Hard Cider. I've wanted to try it for months and just never did. Well, it's really good!

On to some of the fun stuff from my garage...

Last year, while shopping clearance at Shopko, I found this cute Owl Sign.

My pretty Pumpkin candle lanterns from Michaels

Another find from Shopko's clearance

I keep a little Halloween bat plush toy in this cage, which I painted black for Halloween last year. But instead of putting the bat inside, Narcisa wanted to play. 

Narcisa loves anything string-like and pounced on the cheesecloth hanging from my skulls. I actually picked up three orange glitter skulls from Target a couple of years ago and shaded them in with black acrylic paint. Then I stained some cheesecloth with coffee grounds (made a huge mess trying to dry the cloth out!) and then mod podged the cloth over the skulls. There are three but I only added some moss to one of them, which is the one on the left. 

A couple of my witch themed decorations. The coffin box I made myself. The sign was from the dollar tree, and the witches rule book was something Amanda's mom made us

A preview of a couple of mixed media projects I did last year. I will post them again in a later post.

Well, I've put off my homework long enough. Maybe next week I'll have some books or movies to share and maybe, I will have a story of my own (have to write another short story for class). 


  1. I'm happy for all the Halloween stuff to be back in the house ^_^ and I think Narcisa is going to make a very good witch's apprentice this fall.

  2. Love your hanging pumpkin lantern and I'm so jealous of all you guys' fall/harvest/pumpkin/Halloween beers!

    1. :) If you guys ever make it over this way during fall, I'd be happy to share some beer with you!

  3. Cute stuff!!
    I love that little coffin box you made! That's great!!
    Your kitty is so sweet❤