Saturday, September 27, 2014

Girl Music, preachy relatives, feeling a little more Halloweeny, trips to the park

How I feel every morning

This morning I awoke feeling like what my Mother calls "death warmed over". My whole body ached and my back was so tight and locked up that I almost didn't make it to the bathroom. Not the happiest way to start the morning. I did have a very disturbing Tom Hiddleston dream if that's any consolation. Really disturbing, enough so that I don't really want to walk about it. 

But I got up and took Amanda to work then drove to Corbin Park, which is between her work and the library. The human traffic is more prevalent there since it double as a Frisbee Golf course and its Saturday. I parked facing the river, rolled down the windows, and pulled out my laptop to start a story for my writing class. I actually started one the day before yesterday but really wasn't feeling it so changed gears, never mind that one of them is due tomorrow along with my mid-term paper for my other class... Anyway it was nice, had a nice cross breeze too and had I not had to find a bathroom, I might have stayed until the battery ran out on my laptop. 

I didn't end up doing that much today. Read and felt so tired and awful that I took a nap for a couple of hour before going to pick Amanda up from work. After which I made dinner. I pretty much feel worse than I did earlier and wish I could just crawl into bed and sleep. However, what sucks the most about this is no matter how exhausted I am physically from pain, my brain is still awake and moving so sleep is out of the question for awhile. Plus, homework. 

I've been to the park a few other times this week. I went one afternoon and called my Aunt Laura. We had a pleasant enough conversation, she didn't talk shit on anyone I actually care about for too long (My Mom- her identical twin- or my Cousin Shi-Chan). She's decided to entertain the Mormons. I don't know how she managed that. She never really leaves her house and groups like that aren't supposed to be going through the community where she lives. Oh well. So she preached at me a little. And the next day my Grandmother preached at me while asking about the UU Church I go to. Well, I don't actually go to it, I go to the events and meetings held by the IEPG, but I sure as hell wasn't going to tell her that.

But tonight, Amanda's Mom has been kind of preachy at us and I've just about had it. Damn it, I am pagan and if this woman hasn't figured it out then that's on her. I don't preach at her. Of course this is probably her last little stabs at Amanda since she's so disappointed that neither of her children came out normal. Ugh! Grow up and get over yourself already. She should just be happy that at least one of them still actually loves her and wants to be around her. 

I am feeling the Halloween bug a little more now. Yesterday Amanda and I went to Spokane for some "us" time. We stopped by a Halloween store and now we are talking about costumes and a possible party- assuming we can get anyone to come and her mother doesn't take it over like she does everything else. But I don't want to think about that. 

At the moment neither Amanda and I are doing homework. I am writing this blog and she is playing pengle on facebook. I've got a combination of Pj Havey, Poe, Fiona Apple, and Alanis  Morissette playing in the background. Seriously, I really want to just crawl into bed. Everything hurts. 


  1. Love your music choices - very 90's girl power. I miss the 90's.