Wednesday, June 15, 2016


This is my Grandpa. He just turned 88 years old, was a Master Librarian and Teacher, and wrote a book. I know he's been working on some family history off and on for several years now, but last I knew he was working on the same tale over and over again. Alzhimer's will do that to a person.

Well today, I got a call from my Dad, letting me know that Grandpa isn't doing so well. I thought Grandma had all the heart issues but apparently Grandpa does too- not that anyone ever bothered to tell me. So, Grandpa apparently has an irregular heart beat and Vfib and its not good. He was taken off some of his blood pressure meds because his blood pressure has been super low. Also, his doctor instructed Grandma that if Grandpa gets bad or something happens with him, to take him to the ER asap, not to wait. 

My Dad called me to tell me all of this so I wold A) know what was going on and B) would know to call my Grandparents more often so I wouldn't feel like I didn't get to talk to him if something happens to him. 

So, I called Grandma tonight to talk to her and hopefully Grandpa. Grandpa doesn't really talk on the phone much anymore, but I could hear him talking in the background. It was nice. Of course, Grandma told me none of this and if Dad hadn't, I wouldn't know anything. I've chewed family out before for not filling me in when something is wrong, so I don't get blindsided when something does happen. They are the type of people who don't like to worry others and I'm kind of like that too- to as least everyone knows I come by it honestly. Anyway, I didn't mention it to Grandma, I didn't want her to get upset. I will talk to her about it later though. Apparently Aunt M. is heading down for a visit and my Dad is anticipating her talking about putting my Grandparents in a nursing home before they are ready. We are trying to keep them out of one as long as possible because they are expensive, Grandma isn't ready for that, and Grandpa, as an Alzheimer's patient will slip more when his familiar environment changes. So, unless it is dire, she needs to back off. 

I don't want my Grandpa to die, but at the same time, I understand the cycle of life, and he is depressed because he is still with it enough to know that he has Alzhimer's. But there is a lot that he can't remember and knowing what I do know about Alzhimer's, call me selfish, but I don't want him to suffer. I am preparing myself for the worst and hoping for the best. 

Below is a picture of the book he wrote on the history of Butler County Community College, where he taught and was the Head Librarian for years. Of course what he wrote was over 300 pages and it was edited down. He actually autographed it for me.  


  1. Your grandpa is an amazing guy and I think we should really try and get down there for another visit before things get too much worse. I love you and I'll help you through this no matter what or when things happen. *hugs*