Monday, June 20, 2016

Saved a Moth, the spider chased me, that explains some things, and pretty pictures

I need pretty things today. I feel worse than I did yesterday, in fact, I have a migraine today. I'm so used to them, and this one is what I would call mild, that I can still function a little. My period slowed down and tapered off enough that I just had some light spotting. You know enough that I still had to wear a pad. Well, today we are back to bleeding so bad my bathroom looks like a crime scene and I am passing big cloths again. I've got most of the bathroom cleaned up, I just need to mop the floor but simply don't have the energy. I took a picture, but I am not going to share it, I'm saving it for the GYN. So for now, it's back to sitting on towels just in case, being generally weak and miserable, and I am taking today off from homework. I'm just going to watch NetFlix. 

I managed to make myself breakfast. Biscuits and Gravy. Only the biscuit was two hamburger buns. It's what we had. I didn't buy bread when I was at the store and haven't felt up to making any. One of these days I will.

I saved the moth I asked Amanda to put outside last night. It had migrated from the lamp shade to the kitchen and since I have had a bad experience with a moth flying into my mouth, I decided to set free into the wilds again. Then, while I was eating my breakfast, I noticed something moving to my left and of course looked. Lo and behold there was a nickle sized tanish-whiteish-ugly mother fucking spider running toward at full spider speed. It freaking chased me while I grabbed a shoe to smack it dead dead dead! I left my shoe sitting atop the squished remains and moved my laptop table and my laptop down the sofa.*shudder* I do not do spiders. It must have gotten in when we had the door open yesterday. I don't know why it thought my house was a good place to hang out when there is a perfectly good ant colony outside along with all the other bugs that fly around my plants. 

Needless to say I lost my appetite. So with that said, I am going to share the rest of the pretty flower pictures that I took from my garden the other day. 

We'll start with the actual flowers, my pot of Pansies. I posted the purple one last night.

For as much as I don't really like orange and yellow, I really like these flowers.

Love the bluish-purple on these.

I like the dark red on this one. 

Blood red? Or blood red velvet?

I don't have a lot of purple pansies, but maybe next year I will. Besides, to go with the Midsummer Solstice theme, we'll call these fire pansies- well the color anyway. 

Here we have our dill and cosmos flowers. 

Some catnip that Narcisa has been enjoying.

In the rectangle tub we have two tomato plants, one is a blueberry tomato plan then other is a lemon boy? I will have to double check with Amanda since I didn't buy them. Beside it in the round tub is our lone pumpkin plant. I would really like to clear out all of the stupid wood chip crap. Apparently spiders like to hang out in that shit. 

Lastly, one of parsley plants. Amanda thinks we are going to need to grow more since I pretty much put it in everything. I love it! I am planning to get a food dehydrator and bring in some of these herbs. I also admit to wanting to get a food dehydrator so I can make beef jerky. 

Lastly, my obligatory kitty pic. Narcisa is enjoying her live cat tv. We have lots of birds, squirrels, other cats, and even a few marmots.  


  1. I'm so sorry to read about your period problems :( I can't believe they still haven't offered you help, arrgh!

    How lovely to see pictures from your little garden nook! I'm not a fan of yellow or orange either (except in pumpkins) and this year I only bought dark purple pansies. I can't wait to see your pumpkin! You might want to put it in a pot 3 times the size it's in :)

    1. I am thinking I need to cut away the plastic of the pumpkin tub and just let it go down into the soil - either that or actually by the kid pool >< I really want pumpkins and 'ohmygoodness' that plant is really really growing. It's already much bigger than in the picture Hannah shared!

    2. I think the kiddie pool will be silly. I want to get a rake and get rid of the wood chip crap and work in fresh soil with the old and let it go that way.

  2. Maybe the creepy crawlies and things with wings are sending you a message. Native American belief is they come into your realm to reveal something. My son has a moth in his medicine bag because at the time it is his totem. Spiders with those long legs is what creeps me out also! I hope the Dr.can find something to help the menstruation issues, until then I'm sending you some healing vibes. (I hope you don't think that's weird when I say these things, it's part of my curandera-bruja way of connecting with friends who I don't have direct contact with) Solstice Blessings. P.S. it's great to meet Amanda.

    1. They might be, the moth I don't really have an issue with (since it was good a let me vacate it from the house and didn't try to fly in my mouth) but the spider was not cool! My doctor is supposed to be reffering me to a GYN however she and her nurse (it is a very small holistic practice) were taking two weeks off this month and I can't remember when that was. I haven't had any of the refferals come through that I was supposed to have. So, I will ask when Amanda has her appointment. Until then, I am going to drink a tea that my herbalist friend made me and put some yarrow in it.