Thursday, June 16, 2016

This week in modern war and society... trying not to go cross eyed

This is the first week of my last term of college. While I on'y have one class, I feel as though this class has the work of two all rolled into one. It was also the only one that seemed the least bit interesting when I was trying to choose a class for this last term. I also thought it would be helpful in terms of writing, because I generally tend to think of everything as fodder for stories and novels, and seeing how war effects and shapes societies would be pretty damn beneficial. It would also go nicely with the WW2 class I took several terms ago, especially since we will probably be addressing WW2 in this class as well. 

The only draw backs are the fact that I am fighting to stay awake- even after a short power nap-, the colossal head ache, that I can't seem to get comfortable enough for my back to stop hurting (really it's that incessant dull ache that just won't stop), and that I have a discussion board deadline tonight before fighter practice. I actually spent a sleepy half hour trying to decide which resources and web pages were pertinent to this weeks module. I mean really, the school threw in so many extra websites and stuff, that I went cross-eyed for a bit. I got it figured out, I think. At least the ones pertaining to the discussion question due tonight. The rest of it I can muddle through tomorrow. And really it normally wouldn't be such an issue except for being tired, having a head ache, and the back pain. And if I am really being honest, I am still having a bit of a fibro flare. 

But on the positive side, I am reading about the American and French Revolutions. I've already learned a bit more about the American Revolution than I had previously. I'm paying attention to it more than the French Revolution, not because I have a thing against French people, on the contrary, rather it's because one of my ancestors, John Ireland, helped supply the American Revolution. He is how I qualified to join the D.A.R (Daughters of the American Revolution). He was my Grandmother's ancestor and apparently I would have also qualified through my Grandpa's family but Grandma had already done the research for her side and so she pushed to use that to get me in sooner rather than later. I am still part of the Isabella Weldin Chapter of the DAR in August Kansas even though I am not an active member. When I talked about transferring my membership up here, the ladies didn't want me to do that. They like me and wanted to keep me part of their chapter, plus I think my dues had a little something to do with it.  

Anyway, I just needed to take a break. I'd read a fairly dense overview and was shifting gears to my textbook. 

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