Thursday, June 23, 2016

Summer/fall bucket list, gaming, Sword Art Online, Selling Sophie

Amanda and I have been watching Sword Art Online lately and we love it! Well, I love it and know she enjoys it. There's this squeeing fangirl squeeing over the romantic elements. I can't go into anything too much because I don't want to spoil it, however, lets just say, I almost cried today over something in the show. 

Watching the show has made me long for the days that I played Guildwars with my Dad. So I actually logged on for a little bit this afternoon, after I got my homework done, and did a little running around. I am currently re-downloading Guildwars 2. I bought it for my old computer and hadn't downloaded it for the new one yet. I would love to get the Heart of Thorns expansion but I'm not even close to that yet. 

This is my Guildwars main character, Heidi Von Nacht, she's the leader of the Kitsune Guard guild. 

Anyway, this weekend we are getting away and going camping. More on that when I get back from the trip.

I am selling my jeep, Sophie (yes, I named my car) to a friend Rachael. I want to sell it to her minus the cost of repairs. One, she is going to tow it to get repaired and also she sunk money into a dud of a truck and since the jeep would be for her business, I would like to help her out a little there as well. After that, Amanda and I are going to trade in her car and we are going to get another vehicle. I am not sure what yet, but hopefully something we don't have to repair every damned time we turn around. 

Lastly, Amanda has been hounding me today about putting up some of my summer/fall bucket list, so with that said, that is what I am going to do now. 

Things that are already scheduled are as follows:
1.Try Das Stein Haus this Sunday for dinner
2. Camp NaNoWriMo all of July
3. Silverwood with Amanda's parents on July 1st
4. Soap Making July 2nd
5. Seeing Lord Chaddum at Le Chateu Galunt (sp?) on July 3rd
6. Lavender Picking Festival on July 9th
7. Get into the SCA- This has begun and will be a continuing work in progress. 
8. Stargaze- I am doing that this weekend.
9. Go to polka dot pottery
10. Do the Zombie Crawl
11. Go to Finch Arboretum in fall to do photos
12. Ride in horse and carriage this fall
13. Visit Greenbluff this fall for pumpkins, photos, and autumn farm fresh goods
14. See the Chinese Lantern Festival in River Front Park
15. Go to Scarrywood
16. Carve pumpkins
17. Make a pumpkin diarama
18 Halloween party
19. Make t-shirt quilt
20. Make gothic quilt
21. Make a crazy quilt
22. Make coffin pot holders
23. Host a proper tea party- might do that soon and join Vanessa's Mad Hatter tea party thing.
24. Learn to make various kinds of candles
25. Start something spiritual
26. Go to the planetarium.
27. Spend the day down town.

This is not including all the books I want to read or any other assorted crafts and or the writing I want to accomplish. 

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  1. I really do enjoy this show. I'm not sure how I'm loving this second part of the first season but I'm going to see it through. Also I'm really excited that Sophie could go to someone who could really use her. ^^