Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Mid Morning Thunderstorm, Rearranging my To Do List, Tent Room

I would really like a tent room like this, in greens, purples, and blues, only in my living room. I would like it to be easily put up and dismantled, and having it today would be wonderful. The thought  of laying stretched out on the blanket on the floor with pillows, Naricsa, and just waiting anime or movies, with a fan blowing air across my skin is heavenly. 

Unfortunately I lack the motivation to make it happen or rather, my stupid period started up again, and not only is that the reason I had such a hard time waking up this morning, but its why I am so lethargic today. I mean, I'm not even having a fibromyaligia issue today. Sigh. 

I didn't end up getting my notes typed up and printed yesterday like I wanted. I also didn't research bucket list stuff. There are things I want to do, but I want to have all the details listed so I can just grab it up and go when I am ready. So, yeah. I was planning to do that stuff today as well as re-shelve my books properly in the office/ library. Amanda just put books up in effort to get them out of boxes and on to the shelves. We just haven't gotten to the point of fixing the disorganization yet. But, I may not do any of that today and save it for tomorrow. 

I don't really feel up to doing much today. I don't want company. I don't want to go anywhere. I just want to watch some things, cuddle with Narcisa, and maybe work on Shi-Chan's afghan. I worked on it a little bit yesterday and since I would like to have it done in time to mail it for her birthday, I kind of need to get on it. 

Oh, we had thunderstorm this morning, which was GREAT! Being from Kansas, I grew up with a lot of thunderstorms and severe weather. While I didn't care for the severe part such as tornadoes and damaging aspects, I did love thunder and seeing the flash of lightning, and hearing heavy rain. I don't get it as much where I live now, so having it this morning was a treat! It looks like it might be gearing up to rain again!   

Well, my lunch is cooking so I should go tend to it.  I can't decide if I a going to make a tiny batch of biscuits and gravy or make what my family calls German Breakfast. I want both. German Breakfast is healthier. At least this version is, it has veggies in it and is sans potatoes.


  1. Weather's been more drizzly than heavy here. I can occasionally see flashes of lightning but don't hear much thunder. It was sort of chilly yesterday. But about 15 degrees warmer indoors.

    1. That sounds really nice. I love wet, cloudy days like that, especially when it is chilly, because then warm tea and a blanket make everything cozy.