Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Upcycling? DIY ahh hell, I was industrious yesterday.

It began with me wanting to make curtains for that window in the background. I loathe our vertical blinds. They are cheap, they are obnoxious, and we keep losing slats because they are cheap pieces of shit. Seriously, they really are. We can't even open the ones in our bedroom because Narcisa played int the window and some how messed the up. But I digress. The point is, I wanted curtains to go with a pretty kitchen theme. 

I went to Joann's Fabric's and Crafts but nothing screamed "kitchen" to me, at least not anything that I wanted. So I decided to make my own. I bought some minty-ish colored fabric and found some die cut wood pieces at Michael's. A little acrylic paint and ta da! Stamps! Amanda was supposed to put up the curtain rod for me last night when the paint dried, but she was tired and dinner was more important for the both of us. 

Here are the wood pieces, which I will hang on the wall. Ignore my counter top, it is horrible. 

 I found a couple of things at the Dollar Tree that went along with my kitchen. No, not all the patterns or colors match up completely, but I don't mind. 

I love these pot holders

Awhile ago, I was looking at wall decals but decided against them because our walls have a really crappy texture thing going on (probably designed to hide when they have to repair or fill in nail holes and such). However, I found this sort of sticker/decal back splash and it couldn't leap into my cart fast enough. We are, of course, having a little trouble with it. The wall is very textured and it was cheap, so we have to keep smoothing it down, but hey, it's keeping water and stuff off the wall, which is great, because when I wash dishes, I tend to splash! 

On to the upcycle  thing, if you can call it that. I had an older pair of black curtains from our last home. I'd had to take them down because they were too narrow to fit our bedroom window. They made it into the fabric tub and Amanda found them the other day. Since I hated how naked our mantle looked, I decided to make a mantle cloth. So, I took apart the black curtains, put in new hems as needed, and used one panel for the mantle and the other for my entertainment center below. 

Yes, there is something on my TV, it is covering up my fuzzy reflection. I took the photo while I was in my night gown, lol. I never managed to get dressed yesterday. I got too wrapped up in what I was doing and by the time I realized that I hadn't, it was after 4 pm and I just figured there was no use getting dressed just to cook dinner and then go to bed in a few hours. 

The plan for today is...

to take those strawberries and rhubarb and make Pink Lady Pie. Technically the pie doesn't call for strawberries, rather strawberry jello, but I am putting them in anyway. I am also making a bit of comfort food for dinner: steak, mashed potatoes, and corn on the cob. It's sort of healthy. Not like last night's dinner of ground turkey burger, zucchini patties, and corn on cob, but it is so good! 

Back to the plan for today, I am going to watch a few episodes of Penny Dreadful, read a little and maybe finish a book, write up some story notes, and print them out for index cards for my story board. I also want to start brainstorming my new manifestation board. I think it is time for new one. 

Lastly, I am going to research some possible things for a summer/ fall bucket list. This is an idea Rachael heard about on the radio the other day and pitched it to us. We're basically making bucket lists of stuff to do this summer and fall to get us out and moving and all that. Amanda and I were kind of talking about it last night and I wrote some notes down. One of the things on my personal list is to go to the Observatory I saw listed on the Washington Parks page. I'm not one of those people who move to a place and then never go anywhere, I like to go to museums, parks, landmarks, and just generally explore. And some of the most fun can be had on road trips with music and friends. 

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