Wednesday, June 15, 2016

You'll pay for it, tired, homework, and something strange is going on...

Picture seems appropriate...

Today, I had planned to move into the office/library to work on homework. The plan failed when I woke up in pain, worn out, and so incredibly stiff, all before I'd even had a chance to do anything. So I am couch bound today and am even considering a nap.

I think part of the reason I hurt so much today is because I decided, since it was a relatively nice day yesterday, to take a walk. I'd wanted to take the Redbox movies Amanda rented to the 711, get a little treat, and have Amanda pick me up there. While I didn't make it to the 711, I made it half way- which is the bus stop, that's 0.4 of a mile. Now for most people, that's not a big deal and in fact is pretty much nothing. However, for me, with my back and the fibro, it can be a lot. Generally speaking I can do more, but that's in the grocery store with a cart in front of me for support. And I am paying for it today. On top of that I am having a pretty big fibro flare. I will be honest, it is so bad today I don't want to wear my clothes and my hair hurts. I kind of want to cry, but I won't because that won't fix anything. 

Moving on. I have decided that for today, I am only going to worry about doing my introductory post of my homework. I will read the text book and make my notes, after dinner. A&B are coming and bringing spaghetti. Which reminds me that I need to schedule time with Birdy again. Our last friend date had to be cancelled and so did our D&D night with them.   

Strange and interesting fact, I think my upstairs neighbor's sink was clogged because suddenly I heard weird things happening in my sink and got a horrible smell in my apartment. I went over to check it out and there were soap suds that I didn't create, in my sink. This does not make me happy. The last time my pipes were connected to a neighbors, my basement was flooded with disgusting crap from their clogged drain. We are talking food bits, egg shells, grease, and just yuck! It took forever to clean it up and worse, it almost got as far as my bed- my bedroom was in my parent's basement. I definitely don't want a repeat of that.

Other than that, I talked to my Mom today. She dislocated her shoulder again. Sigh. 

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